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British police contacted over report of cocaine use in Parliament

Credit: Brisbane Times - Published 8 hours ago
Drug detection wipes found traces of cocaine only accessible by parliamentary lawmakers, including a washroom near PM Boris Johnson’s parliamentary office. »more

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Federal MPs are urging Australia to join a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Australia has been urged to follow the lead of the US and implement a diplomatic boycott of next year's Beijing Winter Olympics.
Credit: SBS - Published


Can Prince Harry’s rift with his father ever be healed?

The already fragile relationship between the heir to the throne and his youngest son appears at breaking point after Harry claimed he had raised concerns about Charles’ “cash for access” crisis.
Credit: Brisbane Times - Published


Ukraine vows to fight off Russia, shows off military hardware

US President Joe Biden has pledged his “unwavering support” to Ukraine in its standoff with Moscow and will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday AEDT.
Credit: Brisbane Times - Published


Ombudsman: Border permits were ‘downright unjust, even inhumane’

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass has called on the Andrews government to acknowledge distress caused by its border permit scheme during Sydney’s COVID-19 outbreak of the Delta variant.
Credit: Brisbane Times - Published

US can’t win two wars at once: Joe Biden’s worst nightmare
It is a chilling prospect for a US that is unable to fight wars on two major fronts: China and Russia conducting separate invasions of Taiwan and Ukraine, but co-ordinating their timing.
Credit: Sydney Morning Herald - Published

Labor sets up a clash with the Greens on climate change
Anxious to quash a scare campaign, Labor has assured voters it will not change its emissions reduction target of 43 per cent if it wins the election.
Credit: Brisbane Times - Published

They bought a puppy for their son in lockdown. Strata did something ‘absurd’
When health worker Georgia Dawson applied for permission to keep her dog in her apartment, she was stunned by the response.
Credit: Brisbane Times - Published