NamasteyNFT all set to Host Mega Summit on 14th and 15th May in Bengaluru, Visit for an Immersive Metaverse Experience

NewsVoir Thursday, 12 May 2022
NamasteyNFT all set to Host Mega Summit on 14th and 15th May in Bengaluru, Visit for an Immersive Metaverse Experience*NamasteyNFT* Bengaluru 2022, India's first much-awaited Web3 mega summit is set to take place on 14th-15th May at a one-of-a-kind, free-to-enter event to be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center. On display and sale will be '*The Prologue*' consisting of 300 art pieces featuring artforms like 3D Animations, Paintings, Renders, Photography, 2D Art, Films, Movies, Traditional Art, Generative Art, Music, PoetryNFT at the exhibit. The line up at the summit also includes AR, VR and metaverse immersive experiences in addition to a number of workshops that will be facilitated by experts in the space.
*300 Artworks will be on the display as part of the Prologue at Namastey NFT*

*NamasteyNFT spokesperson Mayank Tiwari* said, "The summit, put together by a community of artists, for the artists is a true testament of the basic principles of Web3 that aims at empowering and supporting artists and creators alike. We are looking forward to a confluence of artists, developers, and collectors from Web3 this weekend."

Panel discussions have been scheduled on topics like - How to scale Web3 for developers, All about DAO, Where is the future of NFT art, What is Web3 in education, Web3 in the entertainment industry, Web3 related to reality, What is the world of crypto and Web3 in the political situation

In addition to that, robust workshops are specifically designed to empower developers so they can accelerate their learning and enjoy building for Web3.

ยท Take your first step into building for Web3: Decentology

Thinking of building for Web3, but not sure where to start In just 30 minutes, learn the basics of everything related to building for the blockchain and discover the Hyperverse.

ยท Develop for the Hyperverse: Land Paid Bounties: Decentology

Get rewarded for the skills you already have. Gain the confidence to take up small gigs, and get paid while developing for Web3.

ยท #Web3 101: Trycrpto

A beginner's guide to Web3 and decentralization. Learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, gas fees, smart contracts, Dapps and more!

*Decentology*, driven by their goal to make Web3 accessible to web developers across the globe, *Trycrypto*, a community of women builders using decentralized technology, and *NftyDreams DAO, *a DAO on a mission to enable artists to make a living off their work, have partnered with NamasteyNFT to make Web3 more accessible to anyone interested in developing in the space. Every workshop is fine-tuned to deliver the skills and tools you need to start your journey in Web3.

Decentology Founder/CEO Nik Kalyani (@techbubble) will lead talks and hands-on workshops on all things Web3, introduce Hyperverse-Decentologys open marketplace for composable smart contracts-to help web developers discover, build and monetize Web3 applications. Participants at the workshops can look forward to winning exciting prizes and the chance to land paid Web3 projects. *Kalyani *said, "We are excited to sponsor NamasteyNFT and introduce Web3 to thousands of people in India. While the Hyperverse is focused on developers, its important that everyone in this ecosystem collaborates to onboard new users into the decentralized future. Im looking forward to meeting many of the builders and creators in this space in person in Bangalore at this high-energy, high-value, and high-innovation event."

While you soak in the art and knowledge in the day sessions, there will be a place to mingle and unwind with '*Community Nights*' by NamasteyNFT in the evening. Well known artisits like Hanumankind, Jbabe, ShankaTribe, Black Ice Crew- Dance Team, and Star Dust & Ra - LED artists will be performing at the summit.

Start-ups and brand collaborations include Decentology as the event's Title Sponsor, NftyDreams DAO, TryCrypto as a brand partner, Craftizen, Yourstory and Decrypto Story, Draper House, MetaSky, Tinker Hub, Blockchained India, The Blockchain School, and Radio FM are coming as various collaborators for the event.

An augmented reality treasure hunt depicting the transformational journey of web1.0 to web3.0 will also be part of the event. This experience is made possible by Metaskys Skywallet, the worlds easiest NFT wallet, through a complimentary NFT drop.

Those wanting to know more and learn about Web3, will also get a chance to listen to speakers like Web3 OGs like Vineet Vohra, Satish Acharya, Sooraj Baboo, Raj Khatri, F Dilek Uyar, Jassi Oberai, Natalie Amrossi, Prasad Bhat, Vishwas Bhushan, Dheeraj Shah, Prasad Bhat and Cyber Shakti, Reghna Catherine Thomas, Mayura Balasubramanian among others.

To register for the workshops and for more information please visit:

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