CO2 Emissions Are Rising Again

One News Page Staff Thursday, 29 November 2018
CO2 Emissions Are Rising Againby 👨‍💻 Adam Yardley

Climate change continues to be a very real concern for millions of people and for many nations across the globe regardless of where you stand on its priority for humankind. Worrying news this week, however, has emerged – which suggests we may need to double down more than ever before on efforts to tackle a steady rise of CO2, as the United Nations advise nowhere near enough is being done to stick to targets set by the Paris climate change agreement.

According to BBC News, the UN is concerned that CO2 has risen significantly over the past four years, which suggests that we are now further back in our efforts to clear up emissions as much as possible by the time the next decade rolls around. The pact made in Paris was drawn up in an effort to try and curb climate change or at least for emissions to hit their peak by 2020. However, the latest emissions gap report appears to suggest that these targets may not even be possible by 2030.

Emissions appear to be rising steadily along with GDP, with 1.2% increase in CO2 reportedly recorded last year alone. The key concern here appears to be that carbon use and emission doesn’t seem to be peaking despite projections and committal from a number of world sources.

CO2 emissions on the rise for first time in four years
CO2 emissions on the rise for first time in four years [video]

There is set to be a UN climate conference taking place as of December 2nd, which will run through to December 14th in Poland. This latest report emerges ahead of what may be the most important conference yet, as it appears that the current gap in emissions is pushing us further and further away from where we need to ideally be. A number of pledges made by nations across the years may still be stacking up, but there is clearly a need for some form of re-evaluation as to how much we are doing as a planet.

“There is still a tremendous gap between words and deeds, between the targets agreed by governments worldwide to stabilize our climate and the measures to achieve these goals,” Dr Gunnar Luderer advised – who is a leading author in the emissions study and a representative from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached Record High in 2017
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached Record High in 2017 [video]

The UN is now concerned that carbon emissions will need to be at least 55% lower than what they are today in 2030 in order for us to remain on target. Can it be done?


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