Baseball HOF fans to notice changes at Doubleday Field

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Baseball HOF fans to notice changes at Doubleday Field
The plan is to break ground in the fall.

And has seen the world series...makes it's way back!

After 60 years in of doubleday field are in much need of a makeover... newschannel 2's jason powles has covered this story for over a year and has an update for us tonight...good evening jay.

Good evening steve and kristen.... when you come to cooperstown and visit the hall of fame, you have to make a stop at the most historic baseball diamond in the country...doubleday field... where else can kids from all over, stand in the same batters box as some of the most iconic players to ever play the game.

But as you are about to see....things are much different here than they were last year.

Last year at this time...the village of cooperstown received word that with the help of state funds they could move forward on the 5.8 million dollar rennovation project on doubleday field.

And this spring...that move forward included demoltion of the third base seating.... this is what it looks like today...and next month is key for this project.

Sot: we are actually hoping to bid next month...and it will be bid in one complete project...we are looking at one large bid, the building, the bleachers...the bullpen area, rennovations to the historic grand stand...making it more user friendly.

Also included will be the parking lott and the entrance from main street....and lets not forget about the field.

Sot: there's talk about work on the playing surface itself, to make it easier to maintain, we average 300 games a year and we'd like to increase that.

So for fans who walk into town wondering what happened....doubleday staff make it easy for them to understand and look to he future.

Sot:2:53:17 ya know like whats going on whats gonna happen.

I direct them we have a poster that has an early rendering of what we are going to do.

Once they see that they actually get excited.

So they dont get to sit on that side of the field...they find ways around it.

The plan is to break ground in the fall.

Sot:2:59:58 so we've cleared a lot of the hurdles and we are set to begin, we anticipate that this place for induction weekend 2020 is going to look fabulous.

Guys the plan of course to give doubleday an update

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