HIGHLIGHTS: Flash & Bombers Win 1st Round Games

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HIGHLIGHTS: Flash & Bombers Win 1st Round GamesHIGHLIGHTS: Flash & Bombers Win 1st Round Games

We are on the topic..

The flash are ready to go against the duelers.

Bottom of the 2nd..

Flash up 1?

0 and they add on.

Gunner smith delivers a texas leaguer to left..

Noah brown is on his horse from second..

The flash take a 2?

0 lead.

In the third..

Trevor campbell puts a chopper in the infield..

Austin domer is going to take off for home as the catcher misses the ball..

It's 3?

0 flash..

And how about the pitching performance from matthew craven.

He doesn't give up a hit through 6 and a third..

And tacks on 10 strikeouts.

The flash win 10?


They go for the sweep tomorrow in franklin at 7:05.

The 2018 defending champions start their playoff series at home against the bombers.

Bottom of the first... riverdawgs down 1..

But kwc's ian ellis says enough of that..

Driving in wabash valley's kirk liebert to tie the game at ones.

In the third..

Bombers go to work..

The call is a double steal..

Iu's tyler van pelt takes off for second..

Tyler best heads on home on the bad throw..

It's 2?

1 visitors..

And shortly after.... the bombers bats go back to work.

Britton graham lines a hit into center field.... van pelt races home from second base to make it a 2 run lead..

And the defense was alive for dubois county as well.

Bottom of the fourth..

Zuriel collins gloves the hot shot out at short..

Starting the 6?


3 double play.

The bombers win 1?1 in 7 innings.

They play game 2 tomorrow at 7:05 at league stadium.


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