Sheriff Plasse discusses Red Flag Laws

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Sheriff Plasse discusses Red Flag Laws
Sheriff Plasse discusses Red Flag Laws

Himself in to authorities "in iowa".

Amidst the recent shootings "in el paso, texas" and "dayto ohio"..

"the red flag law" has been a hot topic of conversation in the united states.

"indiana" is one of "18"-states to have the law "i place".

News 10's "dominic miranda" spoke with local law enforcement today.

He joins us now..

To explain more about this law "in the state of indiana".

////// susie..

Whats known as the red flag law in most states goes by a different name in indiana.


It's called the "jake laird law" after the police officer who lost his life in 2004.

A mentally ill gunman shot and killed laird.

The next year..

The law was unanimously passed by the indiana general assembly.

The law allows law enforcement to temporarily seize guns from people who are seen as a danger to themselves or to others.

It also includes due process for gun owners.

This allows them to get their weapons back through the court system once they are deemed stable.

Law enforcement does not need a warrant or a judges signature to enforce the law.

Vigo county sheriff "john plasse" says first..

There must be probable cause.

His office carefully reviews cases with judges and the prosecutor's office.

This is to reinforce that this law is necessary to be used in a particular situation.

He says..

There's a fine line between preventative action.


And respecting people's rights.

////// ////// "we support second ammendment rights of people.



You know their right their constitutional right to own weapons.

But if they are acting in a way that they are a danger to themselves or others.



As law enforcement we have to take action on that."

////// plasse said in his "7"- plasse said ////// that."

////// plasse said in his "7"-months at the sheriff's office..

He's only enforced the law one time coming up at 6..

You'll hear why the prosecutor's office is advocating this law for the safey of people all over

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