Local vape shop owner responds to controversy

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Local vape shop owner responds to controversy
Shop owner says problems with vaping stem from THC use by some

The trump administration is reportedly discussing ways to ban vaping and e-cigarettes.

Its a reaction to recent deaths that were caused by vaping -related lung diseases.

But wayne hereford talked with one vape shop owner who says that vaping is getting a bad rap.

He 's joins us live now with what the owner told him about vaping.

Joseph stone owns a shop in tupelo called amaza vapors.

He believes that vaping is not as bad as people are saying.

It all depends, he says , on the product that's being used.

Amaza vapors is a place where many hang out to enjoy the practice of vaping.

In fact, some say it has actually helped to improve their health.

"you can ask my doctor.

He's going to tell you that i'm in better shape now than when i started seven or eight years ago.

The biggest thing i'm seeing nowadays is the country is flooded with black market thc cartridges.

These things are getting everywhere that you can imagine .

They're getting all the bad press."

Vaping has grown in popularity in recent years and has been a good business for the owner of amaza vapors.

He knows the controversy surrounding vaping but wants to set the record straight.

"aping's been around for about a little over ten years i believe.

We've been open for nearly six.

And there's never been a constroversy until all the thc stuff come out."

Stone says none of his products contain thc.

It does have nicotine and has warning labels .

He says his ultimate goal is to get people to quit nicotine all together.

"all the juices we sell are fda- approved.

We have the big warning labels on both sides saying this contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.

We're not trying to bamboozle are get over on anybody but we do want people to quit smoking."

The centers for disease control right now narrowing its investigation into lung diseases caused by vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.

They suspect that vaping is a possible cause of illnesses which have spread out over 36 states and the virgin islands.

Reporting live wayne hereford wtva nine news.

Grenada police investigate a homicide.

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