Bridge Street: 40th Annual Auburn Great Race 7.18.17

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Bridge Street: 40th Annual Auburn Great Race 7.18.17

Bridge Street: 40th Annual Auburn Great Race 7.18.17

This year is the 40th year of Auburns Great Race and Jim Hanley, one of the founders of the event, joins us to tell us more about this race


>> tenesha: if you're looking for a teen triathlon event, we've got the event for you.

>> sistina: a canoe or kayak option with one of the founders of the event, jim hanley.

>> good morning, pleased to be here.

>> sistina: pun intended it brings people together to work together to race, right?

>> it does.

We stress the average person to do it and starting to work out for a goal even if it's only once a year.

We get top-notch athletes, i like to see the average guy finish race and feel good about himself.

>> tenesha: jim you have been part of this race for 40 years.

>> yes.

>> tenesha: tell us how it's evolved and changed over the years.

>> started out we got the idea from four guys who went to one in massachusetts.

They brought it back and eight of us sat down and said could it work here?

We had places to work so we designed the course, without knowing anything, there was nothing like that multiple event race.

Just running races.

There was not much power on doville island?

The celebration is held and all the tents are.

You find yourself running around and trying to finalize details on race day.

Now of course there's golf carts and cell phones and we have generator on the island many because there's not much power.

The band would come in and blow all the circuits.

We made these out of an old barn and the first application, then we would have commissioned artists to take the others.

This is the prize you get in the top of 20 framed award.

>> tenesha: not a medal, a piece of art.

>> also it's never changed this we also, everyone gets a subsandwich fruit beverage and we have entertainment.

Not just a race but it turned into a community event vs.

An athletic event.

>> sistina: this year you're adding a few more things, paddle boards and two person kayak.

>> right.

>> sistina: people can still canoe, kayak, ca kayak in tandem and paddle board.

>> paddle board.

>> sistina: you're competing like competitors.

>> not a canoe against a kayak, absolutely.

>> tenesha: how is a teem event different than solo tri-events?

Some people do trievents but now you just pick one.

>> we were adamant we wanted it to be a team competition.

Some people lobbied for an iron man competition.

They will sign up as four people and try to do it but we don't have any category for that.

So you can have a tandem team, one person can run one person can bike and you both canoe.

Over the years we started the second race, the original race was a 10k run a 20 mile bike and a four mile canoe but our numbers started to dwindle as people didn't work out as much.

We said okay we want to remedy this, let's run a half race at the same time you 2001 original one.

It's a 5k race 2 mile canoe and ten mile bike.

That's become the most popular at this point in time.

>> captain miel kehoe paddle wheel and run.

Emerson park in auburn.

You can register at

It's a great race

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