American celeb in Taiwan flouts coronavirus protocol

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American celeb in Taiwan flouts coronavirus protocol

American celeb in Taiwan flouts coronavirus protocol

TAIPEI β€” Seems like stardom can really get to your head and make it so big you forget that you could be spreading a virus that's responsible for a global pandemic.

American chef-turned-celebrity, Eddie Huang, (mainly known for writing the book behind the ABC family sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat) is in hot water for not following a 14-day quarantine after his arrival in Taiwan.

According to Apple Daily, Eddie flew from Los Angeles to Taiwan on March 14, potentially escaping the coronavirus mess that's ensuing in America.

That exact same day though, Taiwanese officials declared California a level two alert region, meaning all people coming into Taiwan from there need to self-quarantine β€” Hollywood peeps included.

So what did Eddie do?

He left LAX with a huge facemask on but proceeded to post a photo of him out and about Taipei without a mask, potentially taking the virus with him into bougie cafes and restaurants.

Eddie was swiftly called out by locals on social media with some asking him to "please set an example" for others.

That post was strangely not on his Insta timeline a while after the kerfuffle, huh, weird.

In his defense, Eddie says that Taiwanese officials took his temperature and wrote down his home address but they did not require him to self-quarantine because he left California when it was at a level one alert.

But level one, two, three or one thousand aside, Eddie is a public figure in a country that is highly respectful of public and personal hygiene so, why not take responsibility and show some respect for how things are done on this side of the world?

Instead of deleting the post that got him in trouble?

If you're wondering why Taiwanese people are taking this so seriously, just look at the COVID-19 stats here.

Taiwan has managed to contain the virus (without having to resort to a lockdown) as much as possible through a combination of quick and organized response from medical authorities and of course, citizen responsibility.

So, yeah.

Thanks for putting an Asian-American family-centered show on a major American broadcasting company and all, but no, that does not exempt you from quarantine, bud.

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