PRCC dominates MACJC postseason awards

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PRCC dominates MACJC postseason awards

PRCC dominates MACJC postseason awards

As if a perfect 28-0 record wasn’t already validation enough, the Pearl River Community College men’s basketball team is still finding a way to put the exclamation point on the season that was.

It's just our way of doing our part... - as if a perfect 28-0 record - wasn't already validation - enough... the pearl river - community college men's - basketball team is still findin- a way, to put the exclamation - point... on the season that was- today... the wildcats proved- their worth, in the form of m-a- c-j-c post-season awards... - going to coach of the year chri- oney... - as well as first-team selection- tae hardy and isaih moore.- this is oney's second straight- coach of the year honor...- after leading p-r-c-c to the- number one seed, in the n-j-c-- double-a tournament... which wa- never played due to - the corona-virus.

- but that still can't take away- from what hardy and moore did - together on the court...- finishing one and two on the- team, in- scoring... combining for more - than 32 points per game.- hardy... a southern miss- commit... also led the wildcats- in- assists and steals.

- moore... a st.

John's signee...- led the team in rebounds and- blocks.

- take it away coach... - - "the postseason awards are just a - combination of what all they- stood for and that was winning- games.

One of the - first talks that we had as a- team, we talked a lot about it'- - - - no me before we.

They kind of - got a lot of the limelight- because they scored i guess a - lot of the points and got a - lot of the rebounds, but none o- this would have been possible i- we were 0-28.

This- only became possible because we- won more games than we lost."

- - - as for the coach of the year- award... oney says it - represents the consistency of a- program... that's heading in th-

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