Teens laugh at Domino's driver after giving zero tip

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Teens laugh at Domino's driver after giving zero tip

Teens laugh at Domino's driver after giving zero tip

Service workers are becoming more and more visibly fed up with the low wage conditions they’re working in during a time when they’ve never been more valued by society.Customers are encouraged now more than ever to tip higher percentages than usual to compensate for delivery and food workers .who are risking their lives to keep small businesses alive and feed those who are quarantined.But the issue of tipping is still a major concern in terms of providing a livable wage for employees.which explains why a Domino’s Pizza delivery man exploded in rage at a teenager when he saw she wasn’t going to tip him.A 13-year-old and her older brother were home alone and ordered from Domino’s using their dad’s credit card.According to their father, the daughter had never signed a bill before and mistook the delivery charge as the driver’s tip, leaving the actual tip space blank.The older son transferred the bill back to the driver, who sarcastically responded, “thanks for the tip".In the video of the incident recorded by the family’s Ring doorbell camera and obtained by TMZ, the son shrugs in response.which sets off the driver.“F*** you, bro,” the delivery driver yells at the son in the clip.

The teenager laughs in response before trying to blame his younger sister who placed the order and signed the bill.“Well, tell her.

I don’t make f***ing money if I don’t get tipped,” the driver shouts.

“I just brought you your [order] with my gas".The video concludes with the two teenagers still laughing in disbelief at the driver


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