Celebrate Fourth of July in Pascagoula in-person or online

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Celebrate Fourth of July in Pascagoula in-person or online

Celebrate Fourth of July in Pascagoula in-person or online

As with almost everything in 2020, Fourth of July fireworks might look a bit different this year.


"just the water and just kinda relaxing,- taking it all in.

You know, - trying to stress over anything.- just dealing with what i can- because i know when i go back - i'll have much bigger problems.- stuff like that helps."

In biloxi, grace boyles, news 25.- - as with almost everything in- 2020...fourth of july fireworks- might look a bit different this- year.

- in pascagoula, they are - providing multiple ways - for their residents to watch th- shows.- main street pascagoula will be- hosting their annual- independence day fireworks show- this year online and in - person.

- the professional pyrotechnics - display will be - shot from a barge offshore.

- the show will be streamed onlin- through w-g-u-d's facebook- page and on the city of - pascagoulas youtube - channel.- if you want to see the show in- person, they will be visible- anywhere along beach boulevard- or from a boat offshore.- the city asks that everyone who- chooses to attend the - fireworks show in person to - practice social distancing.

- - "you know, we are in the midst of a global - pandemic and we do want to make- sure that we are keeping our- number of covid - cases down so this will aford - people the oppurtnity who dont- feel comfortable- coming out in person to be able- to watch safely from home and o- course if people do - want to come there is so much - room for them to social - distance.

" the fireworks are set to begin- at 8:45 p.m on saturday july- 4th.- it's reccomended that you get - there early to- find parking and a

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