This dog's legs failed him, but his family's love did not

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This dog's legs failed him, but his family's love did not

This dog's legs failed him, but his family's love did not

Zulu has been a loyal friend and companion for Daniel.

Their bond started the moment that they set eyes on each other.

Part of an unwanted litter, Zulu was in need of being rescued and Daniel knew that he could provide the perfect home.

They became inseparable and their life of adventure together was one that any dog would envy.

Zulu was Daniel's best friend and he told people that Zulu was like a son to him.

Zulu accompanied Daniel everywhere.

They ran on the beach, played in the surf, paddled through the waves and climbed mountains together.

Zulu's legs carried him wherever Daniel went.

Intelligent and eager to please, Zulu was easily trained and he learned everything quickly.

He loved other dogs and other animals and he was always ready to play or chase anyone who would engage with him.

Zulu was a fast runner and he was tireless.

He especially loved long runs at full speed on the beach.

But as he aged, his hips became weaker.

As he neared the end of his fifteenth year, he lacked the strength to run and many owners would wonder if this was the end.

Daniel saw that Zulu was still loving life, even if his legs had failed him, so he got Zulu a set of wheels that would allow him to walk, run, and even play just a little longer.

Even as a very senior dog, Zulu still had some puppy in him.

He was still an extraordinary dog.

These wheels gave Zulu a second chance and he managed to still be the old Zulu for almost another year, because of them.

Daniel's friends enjoyed the pictures, stories, and updates on social media over the course of this relationship between Zulu and Daniel, and then later, between Zulu and the rest of the family.

When heart warming pictures of Zulu and his wheels were shared, one of Daniel's friends across the globe asked if he could produce a video that told this wonderful story.

This inspirational friendship is exactly what everyone, and every dog should experience in life.

Sadly, the same day this video was finished, Zulu took his final breath as he lay in Daniel's arms. It was a life well lived and a fitting end for this beloved soul.

RIP Zulu.

You were truly loved.

Run free.

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