Red, white and blue road stripes spark debate in Myrtle Creek

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Red, white and blue road stripes spark debate in Myrtle Creek
Red, white and blue road stripes spark debate in Myrtle Creek

Chris lueneburg kezi 9 news.

What was supposed to bring people together... has become a dividing line in the small town of myrtle creek.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza explains why a new feature has some people seeing red.

Evita:?the new red white and blue road stripe stretches down multiple blocks on second avenue.

Residents tell me it was painted by the former public works director to bring positivity to the community...but the city sees it as a liability?

Residents say former public works director quinn pickering did the project on his own time and money& and did all the research to make sure it was legal.

But according to a statement from the city, they believe replacing the yellow markings imply the two-way road is a one way.

They say it could lead to a head on collision& and the city would be responsible.

Amanda gibson, myrtle creek resident:?but i think it a positive thing that brings everybody together and unites everybody?

Amanda gibson tells me she supports the project... and says pickering had good intentions.

He a very positive person, he the type that would do anything for anyone and i think he proven that time and time again?

At a meeting tuesday, the city council decided to keep discussing the project and seek further legal advice.

Today... i was told by multiple people close to pickering that he resigned from his position-- but i have not been able to confirm that.

I reached out to the city and pickering for comment& but they both declined.

Evita:?i spoke to one man who says the city has a right to be concerned about these markings.

On kezi 9 news at 5, find out why.

In myrtle creek, eg kezi 9 news."

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