A fresh, local partnership for Newman Catholic Schools

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A fresh, local partnership for Newman Catholic Schools
Students now have the option to have healthy, locally grown produce for lunch.

Can take a perfectly healthy person at any age, and put them in the intensive care unit.

The virus has that capacity.

So everyone who's infected can be at danger.

(track) the first lady has also tested positive.

Cancer, type?

"* two diabetes, and heart conditions are all considered other high risk factors./// for students at newman catholic school in mason city ?

"* there's a fresh?

"* local option now on the lunch menu.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens joins us live with the tasty details.

Alex?xxx katie ?

"* beginning this week*- students here at newman are getting not only tasty ?

"* freh fruits and veggies ?

"* but they're eating produce grown locally right here in north iowa.

Together ?

"* with north iowa fresh ?

"* thanks to a grat with the iowa department of agriculture and land stewardship ?

"* local producers are delivering things like peppers ?

"* apples ?

"* tomat* and carrots ?

"* to hungry students.

Food services director julie udelhoffen (you?


"* hoffin) says "it does also cover meat, yogurt, cheese, proteins.

Adn we're just getting started, this is just our first shipment."

As we move into the colder months ?

"* rest assured.

Udelhoffen tells me there's more locally grown produce on the way ?

"* though it will be mostly root oriented items like squash and radishes.

Thank you alex.

The grant also includes a tomato slicer and a tool

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