Kentucky Horse Park - The big Barn

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Kentucky Horse Park - The big Barn

Kentucky Horse Park - The big Barn

Amber Freeman is at The Big Barn in Lexington to check out Jase, the biggest horse at the barn!

C1 3 amber-host: we're here at the kentucky horse park at the big barn, with the biggest and most beautiful horses that you have out here.

I'm here with sydney, and we have the biggest horse at the kentucky horse park with us right now.

Sydney- trainer: we do, so this is jace.

He is our belgian.

He stands at 19.1 hands tall, or six foot five at the top of his shoulders, and weighs close to 2200 pounds.

Amber-host: so jace could either be on the basketball or football team easy.

Sydney- trainer: definitely.

Amber-host: obviously he's not doing that kind of stuff.

What do belgians do?

Sydney- trainer: belgians are your typical work horse.

You're going to see them still work the farm ways today, so they can replace the tractor and do absolutely anything that they can.

Amber-host: his eye is so intelligent.when you look at him, he just has that soft, quiet eye.

What is their personalities like?

Sydney- trainer: jace here, as you can tell,is a little bit of a spunkier one.

Typically, they're big cuddle bugs, and that's all he's trying to do, because he knows he gets attention and loved on a lot.

Amber-host: it's always the big ones that think they can get in your lap.

Sydney- trainer: yeah.

He thinks he's the size of a miniature horse.

Amber-host: well, and his coloring.

He has that beautiful sorrel chestnut color- sydney- trainer: yes- amber-host: with that flaxen mane and tail.

Is that typical for a belgian?

Sydney- trainer: that is.

That's about the only color they're going to come in.

Amber-host: so they're only blondes.

Sydney- trainer: they're only blondes.

Amber-host: and as far as their farm work and that, do people still use them today?

Sydney- trainer: they do.

You'll see the amish community still really likes to use these guys today.

Amber-host: and with their name, belgian,can we make the assumption?

Sydney- trainer: yes.

Amber-host: where the come from?

Sydney- trainer: they come from belgium.

Amber-host: do they still breed them there?

Is it a typical breed that you would see in the country?

Sydney- trainer: they do still breed them there.

It's kind of cool.

He is an americanized belgian, as we say, so he's bred to be a little bit taller, a little bit more muscular show off.

But in belgium, they're going to have them be a little bit shorter so that way they can still use them a little bit easier.

Amber-host: why would we want them so tall?

Sydney- trainer: to show off in that show ring.

Amber-host: that's what i was about to ask.

So people do take these guys into the show ring?

Sydney- trainer: they do.

Amber-host: now, do they ride on them?how's that show work?

Sydney- trainer: we can ride them, but typically, they are going to pull and do that kind of work and pull a wagon around.

Amber-host: gotcha, so we're not going to see jace here jumping fences.

Sydney- trainer: no, hopefully not.

Amber-host: that's okay.


I think he could just run straight through- sydney- trainer: yeah- amber-host: the fences pretty easy.

Sydney- trainer: step over it.

Amber-host: well, i know everybody wants to see the biggest guy here.

How do we come out and see jace?

Sydney- trainer: the park is open from nine to five, wednesday through sunday, and jace lives here in our big barn.

And you guys can come on in and see him anytime you want.

Amber-host: he's a big star in his own right.

Well, we appreciate you, sydney.

Thank you for giving us such great information- sydney- trainer: you're welcome- amber-host: all the time.

Come out and see her.

Come out and see everybody here at the park.

They can answer all of your questions about all these different breeds that you can just see in one place.

It's the coolest thing ever.

We appreciate it.

Thank you.


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