Start Something Big: Meet Natalie & Abby

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Start Something Big: Meet Natalie & Abby

Start Something Big: Meet Natalie & Abby

Meet the 2019 "Match of the Year" for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Every week we showcase what's happening at big brothers big 55's brianna dahlquist introduces us to the 20-19 match of the year in this week's start something big.

Meet natalie and abbey.

They're 20-19 match of the year and have been paired for almost 10 years!natalie says she started out small then she couldn't help but want to get more involved in abbey'slife.

"we started as lunch buddies in 2011, so i got to meet her at the school and it started that waybut we enjoyed each other so much, we decided to go community based really quickly."

Both natalie and abbey had this particular thing in common, they both were shy!"abbey has really come out of her shell.

We've been active in different organizations trying tofind what her passion is.

It's been incredible to watch her blossom and grow.

I had a tendency to be very shy so i understand."

Abbey says she's grateful that she can always come to her big for support.

"it does help to have someone who is there for you and who offers advice."

Although both natalie and abbey are considered high-risk for covid-19, that didn't stop them fromconnecting with one another.

"we did a lot of texting and calling.

I would drop off little gift bags outside of her apartment."

For natalie, being a part of the big brothers big sisters organization has been rewarding.

But she says, seeing abbey grow has been the best part.

"i enjoy talking to abbey and i have a different relationship with her than i do with any of myfour kids.

I feel like it's more of a friend situation than a mother situation.

It's just so rewarding to spend time with her and help her reach her potential."

In fort wayne, i'm brianna dahlquist.

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