Week 9 Friday Night Football Part 1

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Week 9 Friday Night Football Part 1
Scores and highlights

Welcome to week 9 of high school football.... im glad you're joining us on the waay 31 high school football show.

Some big region matchups tonight, lets go to the action.

Lets start with our game of the night.

James clemens taking on sparkman -- let's leap onto those highlights.

Starting off in the second quarter -- less than 3 minutes on the clock.

Score is 0 -7 james clemens up.

Sparkman at the goal line -- snaps it -- and fumble!

James clemens gets the ball.

But they aren't able to do much with it.

Sparkman will get the ball again before this quarter is up... q-b nicholas sawyer throws it to the end zone -- but --- james clemens' ephraim rolingson with the interception!

Going into the half -- james clemens still up 7 -0.

Lets see if sparkman can get on the board.

In the third quarter -- nicholas sawyer throwing a long one to reciever matthew rozier -- and he'll catch it.

It'll then be sawyer finishing it off running it in -- putting them on the board.

James clements wins it in overtime 13-9 tonight russelville golden tigers hosted the east limestone indians for the region tigers qb gabriel amick throws a quick pass to nathan brockway to give them a firet down to move down the field.

This time a handoff to connor warhurst and a big hit from the defense and another tackle attempt isnt enough to stop him as he dives into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game making it 7-0 indians qb dillon parris with a pass to jamison drake and he takes it down the field right near the redzone to put then in good position for the 2nd quarter.

Russellville goes on to win 35-19.

Lets head to collinsville... asbury is in town taking on the panthers max cohan has brought us live reports all season.,..

Max,,, collinsville is coming off a loss to plainview... what would a win mean to this team tonight.

Lynden, collinsville got off to a really strong start in this one -- taking a 40 point lead into the half but asbury wasn't going down without a fight.

Still without any points on the board in the third -- asbury running back dante broussard takes the handoff and fights off defenders as soon as he gets the ball -- but manages to escape them all -- getting to the outside and making his way across the goal line to cut the deficit to 33.

The ensuing kickoff is a short one but aaron henderson is there to pick it up -- immediately making his way towards the sideline and gaining some solid ground before getting pushed out inside the 40...the panthers would then turn the ball over on downs..

With possession again -- asbury goes to broussard who weaves through the defense before he's home free -- no one can catch him and its six more for the rams. with only seconds left on the lock -- asbury would run another pitch play this time its charlie minton and again, after a few moves its nothing but open field.

Minton would take the long run on this one as the clocks hit zero.

Though they scored 19 unanswered to finish the game -- the rams dropped this one 40-19 -collinsville moves to five and three with the win.

A confidence boost for a team that's still looking up to the 3-a leader in the region -- fyffe.

Live in collinsville, max cohan, waay 31 news.

It's the pink game at hazel green high school for cancer research... the trojans taking on hartselle pink everywhere it was awesome first quarter hartselle up 7-0.

Anthony harbin takes the snap for hazel green, but is quickly taken down by dominic simmons.

Nothing for the trojans on that drive.

Now the tigers are driving john blackwood tosses to parker sawyer who hits eli tidwell on the reverse..

He'll get the first down and some knocking on the goaline's door.

Hazel green steps up and holds them to a field goal.

An 85 kick off return puts the trojans in their best field position all night.

Griffin fowler able to get hazel green inside the ten.

Next play ryan gipson on the carry.

Touchdown... that gets the crowd into it..

Ultimately hartsells wins 45 to 6.

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