Howland: Molinar is making 'massive' leap.

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Howland: Molinar is making 'massive' leap.

Howland: Molinar is making 'massive' leap.

Mississippi State head coach Ben Howland said he hasn't seen a player make such a huge leap from year one to year two like Iverson Molinar since Russell Westbrook.

The sophomore says he is just getting started.

The bulldogs fell to dayton saturday in a double overtime thriller... ben howland has been beyond pleased with the progression of sophomore guard iverson molinar from year one to year two... he says the only player hes seen make that big of a leap in that span... russell westbrook going back to his u-c-l-a days..

He's put up 18 points... 4 rebounds and 4 assists per game this year... that type of jump doesn't happen with luck... the guard has been working incredibly hard to continue on his road to becoming a pro hooper... "i was training three times a day.

I actually went back to san diego and worked out with my uncle.

He played 13 years professionally overseas so he knows what i had to do to become one of the best players here in the sec.

I'm still working on that.

That's one of my goals.

I'm still working on becoming the best i can be."

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