China 'Spying on Americans via Caribbean Networks'

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China 'Spying on Americans via Caribbean Networks'

China 'Spying on Americans via Caribbean Networks'

WASHINGTON — The Guardian newspaper revealed that China has likely been spying on US citizens via Caribbean phone networks for years.

The paper based its article on research by Gary Miller, a former mobile network security executive.

Miller has been analyzing sensitive signals data for years and says China appears to have used mobile phone networks in the Caribbean to surveil US mobile phone subscribers as part of its espionage campaign against Americans.

He says that China uses one of its state-controlled phone operators to direct signalling messages to US subscribers, usually while they are travelling abroad.

Signalling messages are commands that are sent by telecoms operators across the global network.

They allow operators to locate mobile phones and connect users to one another.

But some signalling messages can be used for tracking, monitoring, or intercepting communications.

Miller said that China has lately favoured more targeted espionage and are likely using Caribbean networks as proxies to conduct its attacks, having close ties with these countries in both trade and technology investment.

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