Local tattoo shop to reopen

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Local tattoo shop to reopenLocal tattoo shop to reopen

A local tattoo shop will open again soon.

They're ready to get back to serving their customers.

That's after their business was destroyed in a fire last month.

Now... "scars and stories tattoo" has found a new place get creative for you!

The business tells us it hasn't been easy... but, they're grateful for all the community support.

"we're super excited.

Last year was definitely a trying year.

But, we didn't give up.

I think i said it before... i vowed to say we'd come back bigger... badder..


" badder..

Bigger... badder..


" the tattoo shop is still getting all the finishing touches ready.

They hope to be open by the end of the month.

The new building is located at 12-28

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