Attorney Gary Massey tackles questions on the 25th Amendment and other topics

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Attorney Gary Massey tackles questions on the 25th Amendment and other topicsAttorney Gary Massey tackles questions on the 25th Amendment and other topics

Her attorney brent gary massey from sc and associates joining us this morning talking about, wide variety of topics including some new laws easily went into effect gary massey good morning good morning forget some of these new laws ... people of gone years without hearing the term 25th of ... the street.

Now you've heard it dozens of times over the past couple of weeks exactly the 25t amendment what is required for the vice president and the cabinet ... can't because one of the other to remove the sitting president from office ... .

What is legally required.

Wil the it's an interesting thing t come in the constitution.

I went back in and researched it myself to make sure i knew what i was talking about, but the heads of the executive departments, which we call the cabin is the one you'll the men are the women of the heads of the departments can vote along with the vice president and so it's sort of like the vice president has a veto.

So if a majority or even all the cabine heads of voted to oust the president and the vice president did not vote along with them.

It would not happen, but if he did vote with the majority of the cabinet the vice president to present himself to be removed and the vice president would take his place and then it would go to congres to decide whether or not that was the right thing or the president can then you know say i was unable to perform a dutie and then congress would make a decision about whether or not that would be the case but it's the the vice president ... was at least half of the cabine secretaries are what the scenario and were ... enriching our say present trial ... resigned monday to parents becomes president for until wednesday.

Parents could presen up part present trial ... for any perceived crimes, and then joe biden assumes the presidency wednesday at noon as ... the constitution, the bible and it probably is jilted there's there's so few things have happened in history to give us really any court guidance on how these things would would be handled.

It really highlights the importance of having honorable and trustworthy peopl in positions of power in positions of authority of the calls this kind of self-dealing in protecting people like that but we did see it in the nixon era.

You know it's it's really dangerous to think of of trying to make these about such individuals, but theoretically inserted question is yes it it might could happen, and it migh be a viable legal strategy, and i think presidential pardons or your revoke ... is correct.

Are you sure one where the other that i ... been told by several different people who were ... high up in the world.

It presidential pardons are revocable.

It's my understanding that that they are revocable, and once once it's done it's done and the thing about it is, once the one presidential pardons issued it's not very long until the present.

Changes in so you then have a different president.

So certainly ... a new present cannot come back and undo what the president did shifting gears here new laws taking effect in tennessee, one that we have listed down here.

The age for buying tobacco was changed ... but was well for years for my entire life from the age of buying cigarettes or other tobacco products has been 18 tennessee has no raise that age to 21 and so it's just like alcohol.

You have to be 21 years of age and know when i was a child in an you know of many years ago.

It was really wingtip for people even teenagers to to buy cigarettes for you know different things of that nature but the that has been getting a lot more enforcement last for years and now they have raised raised the legal age show for 2- year-olds have been accustomed to buying buying cigarettes there now and have to wait a year to turn 21 before their legal able and for adults it is illegal for you to buy the ... two.

Well, that's right ... .

And there are increasingly stiffer penalties for retailers so ... underage provided their conduit and there in there is a real strong pushed him on that enforcement against the retail absolute write new laws going into effect to protect pregnant workers ... told me about the will.

This is a quite friendly wall that's been a long time coming, but in tennessee they have the list later pencils pressure which took foot effect january 1 that says pregnant women in the workplace must be given reasonable accommodations as result of the pricing related to the pregnancy as long as it's not an undue burden on the employer, and so they specifically say things like relaxing a a workers requiremen to lift heavy objects of the ability to sit down for foot.

I a woman's job requires her to stand.

She should be provided.

The stool were things of that nature to to relax the burden of her having to stand for long pairs of time also making water available making sure that she' able to stay hydrated.

Normally, maybe they would restrict the liquids in the workplace and also bathroom breaks, giving a pregnant woman more frequent access to the bathroom outside of the normal work rules that that may restrict a person's movements in the that this state legislature, specifically saying that a woman is entitled to those things and if she doesn't receive them, and she has a call to action discrimination and sent to gary.

Hopefully we can talk you into coming back to jordan's tomorro were up against the clock.

Now we are out of time.

Get in touc with reality at massey and associates paul at 697 29 or th website massey

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