Essentials donated in honor of MLK Day in Tupelo

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Essentials donated in honor of MLK Day in TupeloJan. 18, 2021

And underwear are two things homeless people need as much as anything.... a group called volunteer northeast mississippi set up at a couple of locations in tupelo to collect these items as a way to celebrate martin luther king national day of service.... wtva's wayne hereford joins us live outside a local church where they collected the items. the group set up here outside the all saints episcopal church as well as midtown pointe in tupelo to allow people to donate their items and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

We found out socks and underwear really mean a lot to homeless people.

Them to housing."

"we all remember that we need to donate coats or pants, or shirts or hats or scarves.

But its really kind of difficult sometimes for someone to come to us and ask for underwear."

Rebecca nelson and other volunteers showed up at the all saints episcopal church in tupelo to collect socks and underwear.

Standup.."you might be surprised to know how many people don't have socks to get through the winter."

People don't have socks to get through the winter."

Pat and carla falkner wanted to do their part to help the homeless.

"when you go to the store and you see a do not steal tag ,device on packages of underwear that cost less than ten dollars you realize that its just how great the need is."(carla faulkner-tupelo) "they may be embarrased.

And we want to make sure that we are able to give to them because as hard as it is for them to ask for underwear, its even harder for us to say no."(rebecca nelson) natbreak "theres several different drop off locations there's here and there's all saints.."

Kerri mcmillin and harper ford set up at the midpointe mall in tupelo to collect items there.

"its just something that's dear to my heart.

And i love giving back.

And i know that i'm super - bl;essed.

My family and i and so i like to give back."(kerri mcmillin -tupelo ) (teresa price-tupelo) teresa price gave too.

She said its all about "at this time they need us just like they're out there in the cold and so the socks and underwears would be a blessing to them."

"we're really trying to focus on keepin the homeless population warm during the winter and then connecting them to housing."(hannah maharrey-tupelo homeless task force) the mississippi united to end homelessness office here inside the church is where they will keep the socks and underwear.

Some of the donations will go to local shelters too .

Reporting live in tupelo wayne hereford wtva nine news.

The mlk holiday committee partnered with the davidson

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