Apple's first VR headset to be powerful and pricey

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Apple's first VR headset to be powerful and pricey

Apple's first VR headset to be powerful and pricey

American multinational technology company Apple's first virtual reality headset will reportedly sport powerful processors, a high-resolution display, and a fan, along with a steep price tag.

According to The Verge, Apple's VR headset will be considered a niche product which may launch in 2022, as a standalone device that operates through batteries, similar to the Oculus Quest 2.

The company is reportedly working on "some of its most advanced and powerful chips" for this unannounced VR headset, with some chips reportedly beating its own M1 Mac processors.

The new VR headset codenamed 'N301' will be "far more expensive" than the other headsets available from Apple's rivals.

Some prototypes being tested include external cameras to enable some AR features.

Apple is also reportedly testing the ability to use these cameras to track hand movements, and include software features like a virtual keyboard.

As per The Verge, Apple has reportedly faced quite a few challenges in the development of this new VR headset.

With some prototypes ending up too big and heavy, Apple will reportedly be using a fabric exterior to reduce the headset weight.

The company will also be using a fan, which is an unusual move from Apple given its emphasis on fan-less designs.

Apple has been working on VR and AR headsets for years, according to various reports.

A detailed look of Apple's VR and AR ambitions were published last year, noting that the company has around 1,000 people working on its AR and VR projects.

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