Crazy Airbnb is TOO CLOSE to a restaurant

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Crazy Airbnb is TOO CLOSE to a restaurant

Crazy Airbnb is TOO CLOSE to a restaurant

Desiree Baker encountered a bit of a bait and switch when she was vacationing in New York City.She booked an Airbnb thatboasted a view of the city.However, when she arrived, Baker noticed that the actual room was not as advertised.She showed what photographs of the room looked like in its online listing.The space resembled a hotel with two large beds, white bedding, a flat-screen television and a window with a view of the city.What it really looked like when Baker got there was not just disappointing but unthinkable."We're in a restaurant," Baker said.

"Let me show you" .Baker lifted the shade of her window.

There were two people having dinner directly in front of her.The bedroom was smack dab right next to a lively restaurant.

The incident was truly a mind-boggling New York moment."How is this legal?

You literally cannot make this up.

I can open the window and touch their table," she said in the caption.The video received over 7.6 million views on TikTok ."Open the window and ask them to pass the salt and pepper," someone commented

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