How Jerry Meade Got COVID

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How Jerry Meade Got COVID

How Jerry Meade Got COVID

This video offers some basic facts concerning how our dear friend Gerard T.

("Jerry") Meade was infected with COVID the evening of Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Sadly, Jerry died on January 7, 2022 after a long stay at BID Boston.

Although we believe that if Jerry had not been infected with COVID in the first place he would be alive today, we do not think his getting infected was directly the cause his death.

We believe that the primary responsibility for Jerry's death lies with the misguided approach to treatment forced upon the hospital (BID Boston) by the insurance companies, drug companies, the CDC, and the Biden Administration.

Had Jerry been treated with drugs that actually worked to cure COVID (as we are told, he would have been were he treated at the VA Hospital rather than at BID Boston), we believe he would have recovered by now and still be with us today.

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