Learn how to become a better straight ball bowler #001 with Dann the CD born MAN on 3-20-22

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Learn how to become a better straight ball bowler #001 with Dann the CD born MAN on 3-20-22

Learn how to become a better straight ball bowler #001 with Dann the CD born MAN on 3-20-22

What I found out this time is #1 my timing is WAY off no matter what I did.


If your time is off you WILL constantly pull the ball off your target or off center as I showed.

By my timing being off I mean either an late or early release this means a pulled off center release that I on most off my releases today.

There are many other ways timing can be off like the point of release for a high rev or quick spin at release, your walk or approach or in consistent steps, quick or slow steps, wide or short steps, arm swing with a late or early release.

In my case its all about my wrest position to when I release the ball.

The totally straight ball is by far the HARDIST ball to MASTER that's the first reason NO ONE throws a straight ball in pro bowling, (even the Duke rolls the ball on its side) the 2nd reason NO one throws a straight ball is the HOOK ball has a much wider strike zone then ANY straight ball ever can its a vary narrow probably 4 to 5 times as narrow as a hook ball does.

The ONLY REAL reason you should MASTER a straight ball is so oil or dryness of any lane will NEVER matter meaning a straight line is ALWAYS a STRAIGHT line NO MATTER any lane condition.

With a HOOK ball its always a vary lucky throw because your always vary concerned on how oily or dry the lanes on both lanes & its always changing therefore you as a hook ball bowler must change with the oily or dryness of each & every lane.

As a straight ball thrower it's of NO concern & most the time you feel & KNOW what you did wrong, its NOT the oil or lack of!

All oil patterns MEAN NOTHING you can oil the lanes to the pins & or strip the lane of all oil IT WONT matter & has ZERO effect on your straight line, your straight line is always there & always in the same spot that can NEVER change.

A straight line is always a straight line but its the hardest ball to master where as the hook ball pocket area can be a lot more places then a straight line can be.

Jason Belmonte PROVED it with upping the revs & speeding everything up to get more pin action even on a vary bad shot as with a messenger coming from the far right or far left & flying across the total lane & side gutter area.

Jason really does rely on a lot of luck but has more pin action then most other pros can have because of his 2 handed controlled release.

I'm really surprised the girls & women bowlers don't do it since they are by far the weakest race.

The thing is its a vary awkward motion.

I had a women on my bowling team that once ask me (because she as many people do I know a little about bowling & the rules) at the time a 2 handed was ageist the rules so that's what I told her but like I said girls or women are by far the weakest race so really the 2 handed release all girls & women should use it but is vary awkward.

Its kind'a like the Asian release that's a vary awkward release they call: the UFO, Twister, Tornado or basic not as flashy name: THE SPINNER ball.

Its a straight ball that is spinning like a top into a really small strike area but with the ball spinning how about just throw a straight line strike?

If you can twist your wrist like that & get it to the strike zone you can do a timed straight ball release way better.

The other thing I found out is I'm not a point to point on the floor bowler.

Up until today I did not realize I am a pin bowler I look at the spot or the 1-2 pins spot at the pins as my spot NOT any makings on the floor accept maybe like West Malott in that he looks down to the foul line dots so his walk is straight then looks out on the lane.

I also learned that to start my approach I should have my ball in motion until the timing is right then start walking.

I have a vary hard time going from a dead stop to motion & still be in timing with everything.

Most my releases where out of timing until I had my ball moving until I felt my timing was right before I start walking that's why I was all over the place like I just started to bowl

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