God is Just (Part 5 of 7) The Angel of the Church

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God is Just (Part 5 of 7) The Angel of the Church

God is Just (Part 5 of 7) The Angel of the Church

This is the fifth of seven videos taken from a 70-minute in studio session in which Scott Stephens delves into the subject of the Justice of God.

Through the prophet, Jeremiah, God declared that He “delights” in Justice, and that His People understand this.

Sadly, far too many of those who identify as God’s People today don’t understand that God delights in Justice, which leads us to ask how many of these people really are God’s People.

If you don’t have a solid understanding of God’s Justice, you’ll most likely abandon your faith when faced with any significant persecution.

In Parts 1 & 2 Scott discusses Paul’s letters to the Christians in Thessalonica, and the second chapter of the Book of the Prophet Joel, which clearly depicts the tremendous scope of God’s Army on the Day of the Lord when He returns to bring Justice and punish those who have rebelled against Him and oppressed and harmed His People.

In Part 3, Scott continued to examine Joel’s description of the Day of the Lord with regard to its nature, substance, and all-encompassing reach and jurisdiction.

Joel’s Day of the Lord is a precursor to that which is more thoroughly and vividly explained in the Apocalypse of Jesus (aka the Book of Revelation) penned by His disciple John.

Aware of Joel’s prophecy, we can clearly see that the Book of Revelation centers on the return of Jesus to bring God’s Justice to Earth.

In this video, Part 4, Scott showed from the Bible that God delights in justice, and so do His People, as he examines the reaction of one of God’s most prominent prophets, Moses, and the people of Israel at the destruction of their oppressors, the Pharaoh of Egypt and his army drowned in the Red Sea, you’ll discover that it is not wrong to rejoice at the destruction of your sadistic, mortal enemies.

In this fifth video, Scott transitions to Jesus’ revelation on the subject of justice beginning with an appearance His hometown of Nazareth, as he examines the “Angel of the Church.” This transition sets us up to see just how prevalent the subject of justice really was in Jesus’ ministry.

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