Live news headlines on your website

Would you like the latest news headlines updating on your website or blog?

Our little news widgets display breaking headlines in any category you choose, keeping your site looking fresh and providing useful information to your visitors.

To get started, simply configure your widget and copy & paste the single line of code into the source of your web page.

Example Widgets:

1. Select a news category:
optionally, filter by keyword(s):

2. Select a color scheme:
optionally, change widget size:

3. Get news widget code:

Your widget source code
Copy and paste this into the HTML source of your web page:

More detailed instructions
To copy your widget code, highlight the contents of the box above by clicking on it with your mouse.

Next, choose Copy from your browser's Edit menu.
After copying your widget code, leave your browser and open an HTML editor if you are editing a web page or your blog administration pages if you are adding your widget to a blog.

Open your HTML source file or blog template, click on the spot where you would like to place your news widget code and select Paste from the Edit menu.

Make sure the widget code looks exactly as the code above and, if implemented correctly, your widget should appear immediately when previewing the page.


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