newsR Help: Action Icons

Action IconsEach news headline on newsR features these little action icons.
They provide instant access to further information, or, for signed-in members, instant bookmarking and referencing actions.
To access all action icons, make sure you register as a member - registration is simple and free of charge.

Action Icon: Open Full News Story in new windowOpen full story
Clicking the news headline or this icon will open the full news article at source in a new window.
newsR is not responsible for third party content.

Action Icon: Information about this news headlineInformation and Related Stories
Takes you to the archived record of the associated news item,
featuring related headlines on the same topic.

Action Icon: Add to favorites (Members Only)Add to favorites (Signed-in Members Only)
Adds the corresponding headline to your favorites, for later retrieval.

Action Icon: Instant-email (Members Only)Email News Reference (Signed-in Members Only)
Instantly sends an email containing a reference to the relevant news headline
to your registered email address.

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