Clinton: 'I Will Be The Nominee For My Party'

One News Page Staff Saturday, 21 May 2016
Clinton: 'I Will Be The Nominee For My Party'by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

This year’s race for the US Presidency is fast becoming one of the most dramatic – with Donald Trump now standing alone as the sole figurehead for the Republican Party, the other side of the fence appears to be all but decided – with underdog Bernie Sanders reportedly having connected well with young working class people throughout the US. However, Hillary Clinton – Sanders’ sole rival in the Democratic Party’s race for nomination – is confident that she will win the day, and this is backed up by her closing in on the number of delegate votes needed to achieve the nomination.

Clinton advised CNN in an interview that she “will be the nominee” for the Democratic Party, and that her race against Vermont senator Sanders is effectively over already. Certainly, the figures seem to suggest that she will most likely achieve that goal, however, the race isn’t yet over – as Sanders stays determined to remain in the race to ensure that all of those voting in the nominations process get their chance to vote fairly. Clinton’s confidence matches Trump’s in his campaign, meaning that the campaign trail up to November’s Presidential election could likely be one of the fiercest fought in recent history.

Sanders has made leaps and bounds in certain key states during the nomination process but it is Clinton who continues to hold a steady lead. Sanders will likely remain in the race until the winning candidate receives enough votes to stand for nomination – and until the party convention – meaning that he is in for the long haul regardless of if he is victorious or not. For Clinton, however, nomination will result in a whole new battle – as winning the nomination may prove to be her least difficult of the two big challenges she has lined up in 2016.

Should Clinton gain the nomination, she will face off against the divisive Trump, who has caused controversy within his own party and inspired a new wave of voters to stand up and support the Republicans. It is likely that Clinton will shortly turn her attention to Trump if she is truly confident that Sanders is to finish second – meaning that, for those interested in politics at least, the months through summer and fall leading up to the election could be very interesting indeed – and one that is becoming increasingly difficult to predict.


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