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GoFundMe: American crowdfunding platform
GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. From 2010 to the beginning of 2020, over $9 billion has been raised on the platform, with contributions from over 120 million donors.


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Alyssa Milano Dragged for Attempting to Fundraise for Son's Baseball Trip

Alyssa Milano asked her many followers/fans to chip in for her son's youth baseball trip -- and because she's perceived as incredibly wealthy ... she's getting dragged through the coals. The actress.. - Published

US driver who fled UK after crash left nurse unable to walk gears up for legal fight

The father of an American driver who fled the UK after a crash left a British nurse unable to walk has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his son's legal costs.
Sky News - Published

'Home Alone' Actor Ken Hudson Campbell Thanks Fans For Well Wishes Amid Cancer Scare

"Home Alone" actor Ken Hudson Campbell is thanking his fans for all their support following a recent health scare involving mouth cancer. Ken's daughter, Michaela, set up a GoFundMe page to help cover.. - Published

Ariana Madix & Other 'Vanderpump' Stars Donate Big to Friend with Brain Tumor

Ariana Madix opened up her wallet big time to help out a friend of the 'Vanderpump Rules' family ... this after a major health scare that's threatening their life. AM was among several 'VP' stars to.. - Published

GoFundMe Suspends Suspicious Fundraiser For Murdered Las Vegas Teen

GoFundMe has suspended a fundraiser appearing to benefit the family of the Las Vegas teen who was beaten to death earlier this month, and his family claims the solicitation for money is fraudulent. The.. - Published

'Walking Dead' Actor Erik Jensen Diagnosed With Stage Four Cancer

"The Walking Dead" actor Erik Jensen has been diagnosed with stage four cancer ... this according to his wife, who has started a GoFundMe to help cover the rising costs. Erik's wife, Jessica Blank,.. - Published

GoFundMe Bans Poker Player for Lying About Cancer to Get Money for WSOP

GoFundMe is putting a permanent kibosh on Rob Mercer, the World Series of Poker player who lied on the platform about having cancer, took tens of thousands of dollars in donations and then blew it in.. - Published

Ex-NFL Receiver Mike Williams Dead At 36 After Accident At Construction Site

Former NFL receiver Mike Williams -- the Offensive Rookie of the Year runner-up in 2010 -- has died following a recent accident at a construction site. According to a GoFundMe page set up by Williams'.. - Published

OnlyFans Model Raises $10K For Maui Wildfire After GoFundMe Bans Nude Fundraiser

The OnlyFans model banned by GoFundMe for selling nude photos to aid Maui wildfire relief is still raising tons of money ... all because she took her talents to a different platform. Mariah Casillas,.. - Published

OnlyFans Model's Nude Fundraiser For Maui Wildfire Relief Shut Down by GoFundMe

The OnlyFans model using her nude photos to raise money for Maui wildfire relief efforts can no longer crowdfund on GoFundMe ... because the platform shut down her efforts. Mariah Casillas, who goes by.. - Published

Wellwishers donate $100k to man who lost hands and toes due to flea bite

A GoFundMe page for a Texas handyman who lost his hands and parts of his feet after contracting typhus from a flea bite has raised more than $100,000 (£77,846).
Sky News - Published

Megan Fox Rips People Shaming Her For Sharing GoFundMe For Nail Tech's Dad

Megan Fox is firing back at the people who are blasting her for sharing a GoFundMe for her friend's cancer-stricken father ... saying the haters don't understand the full story or her relationship with.. - Published

Megan Fox Shares Nail Tech's Father's GoFundMe After Cancer Diagnosis

Megan Fox is offering a helping hand to a friend in need -- this after the girl's father was diagnosed with cancer ... and it seems her good work is doing wonders for the cause. The actress and model.. - Published

GoFundMe Removing Fake Sub Fundraisers Created to Help Search, Victims Families

Scammers looking to make a quick buck on the missing Titanic-bound submersible tried to crowdsource off the tragedy ... but GoFundMe is cracking down. Here's the deal ... we did some digging and found.. - Published

'Good Times' Star John Amos Declines Daughter's Charity, GoFundMe Shut Down

"Good Times" star and "America's Dad" John Amos doesn't want any of the money his daughter crowdfunded on his behalf ... and now her GoFundMe has been taken down. John's daughter, Shannon Amos, had.. - Published

Kim Kardashian Look-Alike, OnlyFans Model Dead After Reported Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian look-alike and OnlyFans model Christina Ashten Gourkani has died, possibly after a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong. Christina's death was detailed in a recent GoFundMe made by her.. - Published

Taylor Swift Fans Flood GoFundMe for Man Killed After Houston Concert

Taylor Swift fans are rallying for one of their own, flocking to a GoFundMe page set up for a fellow Swiftie who was killed by a drunk driver after her Houston concert ... and it's garnering a ton of.. - Published

'The Challenge' Star Nelson Thomas, Reality Stars Donate to GoFundMe

MTV's "The Challenge" star Nelson Thomas' GoFundMe is getting some serious support after his car crash, and some of the donations are coming from fellow reality stars. The charity campaign quickly.. - Published

'RHOC' Tamra Judge Donates to GoFundMe for Gretchen Rossi's Late Stepson

"Real Housewives of Orange County" rivals Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi never saw eye-to-eye on the show, and their feud only seems to have strengthened with time -- because we've learned Tamra has.. - Published

Beyoncé Fans Use GoFundMe to Raise Money for 'Renaissance' Tour Tickets

Beyoncé fans are begging to score tickets for her upcoming tour ... making public pleas for $$$!!! The BeyHive is buzzing around the crowdfunding website, GoFundMe, to ask family, friends and other.. - Published

Celebrities Donating To Tyre Nichols' Memorial Fund

Some of Hollywood's biggest names, plus a skateboarding legend, are pitching in to help Tyre Nichols' mother and stepdad ... with big donations to his memorial fund. TMZ combed through more than 33,000.. - Published

Promising Amatuer Boxer Donovan Garcia Dead At 15 After Car Accident

Tragic news in the boxing world ... Donovan Garcia -- a decorated teenage boxer out of Colorado -- has died after suffering significant injuries in a car crash, his family revealed this week. He was.. - Published

Damar Hamlin set to be released from hospital - and reveals how $8.6m in donations will be spent

damar hamlin set to be released from hospital - and reveals how $8.6m in donations will be spent
NFL player Damar Hamlin is expected to be released from hospital within the next 48 hours - and it's been revealed how the $8.6m (£7m) donated to his GoFundMe page will be spent.
Sky News - Published

GoFundMe Removing Fake Damar Hamlin Fundraisers Created After Cardiac Arrest

People are looking to profit off Damar Hamlin's tragic injury by creating fraudulent GoFundMe campaigns, advertised as helping the athlete who's currently fighting for his life ... but we're told the.. - Published

WWE Hall Of Famer Barry Windham In ICU After Suffering Heart Attack

WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham, the maternal uncle of WWE star Bray Wyatt and former WWE wrestler Bo Dallas, suffered a heart attack over the weekend and is now in the ICU. According to a GoFund Me.. - Published

Kanye West Haters Start 'Make Me a Billionaire Instead' GoFundMe Campaigns

Kanye West has folks trying to help him regain billionaire status via crowdfunding -- but his haters have responded with just as much passion. Here's the deal ... at least one GoFundMe page (possibly.. - Published

GoFundMe Shuts Down $1M Amber Heard Fundraiser to Help Pay Johnny Depp

GoFundMe is wasting no time in cracking down on pages trying to make money following the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial ... removing a phony $1 million campaign claiming to be raising money for.. - Published

Slain Buffalo Security Guard's GoFundMe Targeted by Scammer

In another gut punch for the family of the Buffalo security guard killed in the mass shooting, a scammer allegedly tried to steal thousands of dollars from their crowdfunding account. Here's the deal.. - Published

Kevin Samuels' Family Won't Accept Money Raised Through GoFundMe

Kevin Samuels' family says an imposter is behind a GoFundMe created to raise money for his funeral expenses, and even though they were offered the cash ... they won't accept the money. Social media was.. - Published

'Where We Bout to Eat At’ Kid's Family Will Honor Him With Restaurant

Antwain Fowler -- the viral kiddo who famously asked "where we bout to eat at?" -- could soon have a restaurant opened in his honor ... that's the big plan from the late kid's mother. Christina Burns,.. - Published

Dr Christian asks for help paying £125,000 to Arlene Foster after he loses libel court case

dr christian asks for help paying £125,000 to arlene foster after he loses libel court case
TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen is pleading with supporters to donate to his GoFundMe page after he was ordered to pay £125,000 in libel costs to Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster.
Sky News - Published

Kylie Jenner Responds to GoFundMe Backlash Over Injured MUA

Kylie Jenner is clearing the air on her GoFundMe controversy ... she says she was just trying to help an old friend pay medical bills and his family's glad she did. The billionaire broke her silence.. - Published

Kylie Jenner Catches Flak for Trying to Raise Money for Injured MUA

The old adage is true -- no good deed goes unpunished ... and Kylie Jenner is learning that first-hand this week after trying to do something nice for somebody she cares about. Get a load of this ..... - Published

Tessica Brown Imposter Shut Down by GoFundMe After Fake Hospital Bill

Tessica Brown tried getting out of another sticky situation by crowdfunding ... or at least that's what an imposter had people believing before GoFundMe dropped the hammer. So get this ... someone.. - Published