Ethnoreligious group and nation from the Levant

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Jews: Ethnoreligious group and nation from the Levant
Jews or Jewish people are an ethnoreligious group and nation originating from the Israelites and Hebrews of historical Israel and Judah. Jewish ethnicity, nationhood, and religion are strongly interrelated, as Judaism is the ethnic religion of the Jewish people, although its observance varies from strict to none.

Sirens blare as Israel honours Holocaust victims [Video]

Sirens blare as Israel honours Holocaust victims

Sirens blared across Israel early Thursday as the country came to a standstill in an annual ritual honoring the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 01:00Published

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Hitler 'had Jewish origins', claims Russian minister in rant

hitler 'had jewish origins', claims russian minister in rant
Russia's foreign minister has been criticised for claiming Adolf Hitler "had Jewish origins" and "some of the worst antisemites are Jews".
Sky News - Published

Eastenders star Tracy-Ann Oberman pays damages after accusing academic of antisemitism

eastenders star tracy-ann oberman pays damages after accusing academic of antisemitism
Eastenders star Tracy-Ann Oberman has agreed to pay "substantial damages" after accusing the founder of the Northern Independence Party of having a "Jew blocklist".
Sky News - Published

Maharashtra notified 'Jews' as a minority community in state: Centre to SC

The Centre has told the Supreme Court that states can consider granting Hindus the 'minority' status, if the community is not in a majority within their jurisdictions. "For instance, the government of..
IndiaTimes - Published

Anne Frank betrayal book pulled as historians discredit cold case findings

anne frank betrayal book pulled as historians discredit cold case findings
A cold case investigation book that claimed to have solved the question of who betrayed Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank has been pulled by its Dutch publisher after being discredited by a group of..
Sky News - Published

Zelensky and Klitschko, the Evolution of Ukrainian Greatness

Two Ukrainians have emerged as war heroes who have inspired their nation and the world with their bravery and fortitude ... both improbable leaders who rose to the occasion. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych.. - Published

Michael Rapaport Says Ukraine President Zelensky Inspiring to Jewish People

Michael Rapaport is commending President Zelensky for his bravery ... giving his seal of approval to a fellow Jewish man and comedian. We got Michael in NYC on Thursday, and he had nothing but praise.. - Published

Lord Sugar left 'looking over my shoulder' after anti-Semitic abuse

lord sugar left 'looking over my shoulder' after anti-semitic abuse
Lord Alan Sugar has said he was "now always looking over my shoulder" after anti-Semitic letters were sent to him, with one saying "I would like to murder all Jews in Britain, Alan".
Sky News - Published

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from talkshow The View over Holocaust comments

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from US talkshow The View for two weeks after her comments about Jews and the Holocaust.
Sky News - Published

Hate crime investigation as men filmed spitting at bus full of Jewish passengers

hate crime investigation as men filmed spitting at bus full of jewish passengers
Police are investigating a video which appears to show a group of men spitting at a bus full of Jewish passengers celebrating Hanukkah in central London.
Sky News - Published

Azeem Rafiq meets Holocaust survivor after revelations over messages mocking Jews

azeem rafiq meets holocaust survivor after revelations over messages mocking jews
Cricket whistle-blower Azeem Rafiq has met a Holocaust survivor after it was revealed he sent anti-Semitic messages as a 19-year-old.
Sky News - Published

Meyers Leonard Talks Bond W/ Jewish Community, Death Threats & NBA Return

Meyers Leonard is breaking his silence and giving his first on-camera interview to TMZ Sports after using an anti-Semitic slur ... addressing the bonds he's formed with the Jewish community, death.. - Published

Sarah Silverman Calls for 'Jewface' to End on Camera, Wants Representation

Sarah Silverman is tired of non-Jews playing Jews on camera -- be it on TV or in film -- and says amid all the cries for representation in casting ... the Jewish people are left out, and the.. - Published

Trolling NASA intern for her Hindu faith is peak Hinduphobia

Just like Jews have been facing discrimination, hostility and persecution from anti-Semites for the longest time, Hindus too have been at the receiving end of hateful and venomous attacks (physical,..
IndiaTimes - Published

Police launch anti-Semitic abuse investigations after Jewish man targeted twice in same night

Police have launched two antisemitism investigations after a Jewish man was suffered anti-Semitic abuse twice in an hour in central London.
Sky News - Published

NBA's Meyers Leonard Gets Emotional In Speech to Jewish Kids, 'I'm Deeply Sorry'

Powerful moment from NBA player Meyers Leonard ... who choked backed tears while addressing a group of Jewish kids at a temple in Florida, as he explained his regret for using an anti-Semitic slur back.. - Published

Jewish chef whose restaurant was torched by rioters 'feels no anger or vengeance'

jewish chef whose restaurant was torched by rioters 'feels no anger or vengeance'
Travel two hours north of Jerusalem in this country consumed by hatred and conflict, and by the Mediterranean Sea you'll find a story of hope. 
Sky News - Published

This Palestinian rapper and Jewish mother live in the same Israeli city, but are far apart on the conflict

this palestinian rapper and jewish mother live in the same israeli city, but are far apart on the conflict
A Palestinian rap artist and a Jewish mother of seven live in the same, mixed neighbourhood in the Israeli city of Lod.
Sky News - Published

Israeli ground forces launch attacks on Gaza as fighting worsens

israeli ground forces launch attacks on gaza as fighting worsens
Israeli ground forces began launching attacks on Gaza in a widening of hostilities as Israel braced for more internal strife between its Arab and Jewish citizens following Friday prayers.
Sky News - Published

Israel-Gaza violence: Street battles break out in cities where Jews and Arabs have coexisted

israel-gaza violence: street battles break out in cities where jews and arabs have coexisted
The horror for the communities of Gaza and the terror for communities in southern Israel is rightly the focus in this latest clash in the long struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Sky News - Published

Israel mourns as pressure mounts for inquiry into fatal festival crush

israel mourns as pressure mounts for inquiry into fatal festival crush
Israel is observing a day of mourning for the 45 people crushed to death at a Jewish religious festival - as questions are raised about how the disaster happened.
Sky News - Published

Thousands protest after man who killed Jewish woman escapes trial as he was 'in delirious state'

thousands protest after man who killed jewish woman escapes trial as he was 'in delirious state'
People have protested across France after a man who pushed a Jewish woman to her death escaped trial because he was in a "delirious state" at the time.
Sky News - Published

Palestinian and Jewish protester clashes leave more than 100 injured in Jerusalem

palestinian and jewish protester clashes leave more than 100 injured in jerusalem
Jewish and Palestinian protesters clashed with each other and the Israeli police in Jerusalem early on Friday in the city's most serious violence since 2015.
Sky News - Published

Jeremy Piven Goes To Bat For Julian Edelman, He's A 1st Ballot Hall Of Famer!

"He's got 3 Super Bowl rings. He has 36 touchdowns. He's 5-foot-9. He's Jewish!" Jeremy Piven says all of that -- and more -- are the reasons he's certain Julian Edelman is a Hall of Famer ... telling.. - Published

Israeli archaeologists discover dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments in desert cave

israeli archaeologists discover dozens of new dead sea scroll fragments in desert cave
Israeli archaeologists have discovered dozens of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments in the Judean Desert, south of Jerusalem, believed to be hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome nearly 1,900 years..
Sky News - Published

France to return Klimt masterpiece sold under duress during Nazi era to rightful Jewish heirs

france to return klimt masterpiece sold under duress during nazi era to rightful jewish heirs
France is to return the only painting by Gustav Klimt in its national collection to the heirs of the Jewish family that was forced to sell it by the Nazis more than 80 years ago.
Sky News - Published

Meyers Leonard Already In Contact with Jewish Leaders, Getting the Ball Rolling

Meyers Leonard is wasting no time making good on his vow to educate himself about the Jewish community in the wake of his anti-Semitic incident ... TMZ Sports has learned the NBA player has already.. - Published

Meyers Leonard's Slur Addressed at 'Jew in the City' Protest of NBC

Meyers Leonard is getting an olive branch from at least some in the Jewish community -- a group called "Jew in the City" wants to work with the Heat player, instead of canceling him. We got "Jew in the.. - Published

Julian Edelman Wants to Educate Meyers Leonard On Jewish History After Anti-Semitic Slur

Jewish NFL star Julian Edelman says the anti-semitic slur uttered by Meyers Leonard is the result of "casual ignorance" ... and he's offering to educate the NBA player on Jewish history so he doesn't.. - Published

Jeff Ross Backs Michael Che's 'SNL' Joke About Israel, Weighs in on Potato Head

Don't count Jeff Ross among the people -- Jewish or otherwise -- outraged over Michael Che's joke about Israel on last week's 'SNL' ... he thinks Che should keep it up. We got the "Roastmaster General".. - Published

T-shirt Sold with Holocaust Message, '6 Million Wasn't Enough'

A neo-Nazi t-shirt is being hawked online, with a message bemoaning that more Jews were not exterminated during the Holocaust. The shirt is emblazoned with letters and numbers ... "6MWE" -- that's code.. - Published

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Author's Family Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Remarks

The author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" -- the guy who said Hitler had reason to target the Jews -- was cruel to say what he said, according to the guy's own family. Roald Dahl, a wildly.. - Published

'Jews for Trump' Convoy in NYC Sparks Brawls on the Street

Another pro-Trump parade is going down this weekend -- only now, in NYC ... where a group identifying as Jews are showing their MAGA support, and bringing things to a boiling point with.. - Published

Kodak Black Claims He's Can't Meet with His Rabbi Behind Bars

Kodak Black is praying for more than just his release from prison ... because he says he can't get access to a rabbi to practice his Jewish faith behind bars. Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells.. - Published

Jewish MLB Player Cody Decker Says Anti-Semitism Is Rampant In Pro Baseball

Ex-MLB player Cody Decker says that Nazi salute at the Oakland A's game is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anti-Semitism in pro baseball ... insisting the problem is MUCH worse than it.. - Published

Muslims, Jews have higher Covid death rate, UK figures indicate

The death rate from Covid-19 in England and Wales is higher among people who identify as Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Sikh than Christians or those with no stated religion, Britain's statistics office said..
IndiaTimes - Published

Illegitimate children of Jews evicted by Nazis are German citizens, court rules

A U.S. woman born to a Jewish father stripped of his German citizenship by the Nazis in 1938 cannot be denied naturalisation for being an illegitimate child, Germany's Constitutional Court has ruled.
Reuters - Published

Poland's Jewish leaders deplore stigmatisation of LGBT people

Jewish community leaders in Warsaw on Tuesday voiced their opposition to the "dehumanising" language they say is being used against LGBT (lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender) people in Poland's..
Reuters - Published

Polish state TV uses Jewish property restitution issue to attack opposition

Polish public television has raised the sensitive issue of Jewish property restitution during the country's presidential campaign by accusing the main opposition candidate, Rafal Trzaskowski, of..
Reuters - Published

Hides that reveal: DNA helps scholars divine Dead Sea Scrolls

Genetic sampling of the Dead Sea Scrolls has tested understandings that the 2,000-year-old artefacts were the work of a fringe Jewish sect, and shed light on the drafting of scripture around the time..
Reuters - Published

Israeli settler found guilty of murder in arson attack on Palestinian family

An Israeli court found a Jewish settler guilty of racially motivated murder on Monday in a 2015 arson attack that killed a Palestinian couple and their baby in the occupied West Bank.
Reuters - Published

Don't forget past, Jewish leader warns Germans on eve of WW2 anniversary

Many young Germans have failed to learn the lessons of history, and anti-Semitism is becoming entrenched in the land responsible for the Holocaust, a Jewish leader warned, a day before the 75th..
Reuters - Published

Israel plans thousands of new settler homes ahead of Pompeo visit

Israel announced a plan for thousands of new Jewish settlement homes in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday as Washington voiced readiness to back de facto Israeli annexations there.
Reuters - Published

Without tourist revenue, Prague's Jewish community fears for future of welfare services

With ticket sales to Prague's Jewish quarter halted during the coronavirus lockdown, the community is having to tap its reserves to pay for welfare services for Holocaust survivors that tourists..
Reuters - Published

Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews take to internet in coronavirus lockdown

Israel's religiously devout Jews, who traditionally shun the use of internet or smartphones, are increasingly going online to shop, study and video chat as the coronavirus outbreak forces them to stay..
Reuters - Published

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