Chico business uses video for global learning

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Chico business uses video for global learning

Chico business uses video for global learning

A Chico-based business ships video equipment around the globe to teach potentially life-saving lessons

What does chico, california have in common with the darfur region of the sudan?

Turns out - a lot!

I recently met a local business owner, who is using video technology to teach potentially life saving skills, to people in some of the pooresst regions in the world.

"it is a moment of awe, when i can't believe - i get to be here" for matt york - here& means india, nation's in africa, the south pacific& some countries you may have never even heard of& some of the poorest in the developed world.

"we are consultants in behavior changed communicaiton" helping to change the world - from chico& one bag full of video equipment at a time!

12 years ago york founded one mobile project0r per trainer.

His vision: provide those working with non- governmental organizations - ngo's, as well as local governments - the tools to educate populations to new - potentially life-saving behaviors - via video.

We service ngo, ministries of government, education and agriculture.

There are disciplines where people need to adopt new behavior& examples, say york: teaching farmers how to use soap to protect crops from disease & insects, urging expectant mothers to use birthing centers rather than midwives& explaining proper hygiene and human waste disposal to prevent illness.

We provide ingredients to tell story on video and deliver those videos with chord less technology when you can share a video you can illustrate behavior - ((track)) trainers then share the videos - using a small, portable movie projector.

- like this one& the equipment is small; lightweight rechargeable - via small solar panels - and scooter batteries.

"it's great to serve people, in stead of changing materialistic wealth and toys, i get to serve people who are really really in need - i see things that people should never see in difficult places in the world and it's wonderful to go there and be excepted and know you are doing good."

York says he is committed to making a difference - despite challenges.

He just recently returned from overseas to deliver gear.

Training was supposed to take place in sudan, but dangerous conditions forced his team to work from neighboring, kenya.###

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