Racist 'Karen' Attacks Postal Worker

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Racist 'Karen' Attacks Postal Worker

Racist 'Karen' Attacks Postal Worker

LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA — An unnamed woman has been filmed making racist remarks toward a post office worker.

The video from July 23 was captured in Los Altos and was posted by one of the customers in line.

The promptly labeled so-called 'Karen' questioned the unidentified employee's capabilities, saying 'can't you just do your job?

It's simple.'

She then refers to her own national identity with, 'I've been in this country 38 years, I think I should know.'

As the postal workers engage in conversation, the woman mutters a racial slur, leading the man filming and others to jump to the defense of the staff.

After being confronted, she continues to abuse the member of staff.

On July 27, a spokesman for the USPS, Augustine Ruiz, called the incident 'unfortunate' in a statement to the Daily News.

Ruiz said that no employee should have to suffer any abuse by a customer, saying that 'we have every right to refuse service to anyone who is abusive.'

He added that incidents like this are unusual as most customers praise and thank their employees for their essential service.

The community has since come out in support of the abused postal worker even sending her flowers.

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