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SAG-AFTRA: American media labor union
The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is an American labor union that reflects the 2012 merger of SAG and AFTRA. It represents approximately 160,000 media professionals worldwide. SAG-AFTRA is a member of the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the United States. SAG-AFTRA is also a member of the International Federation of Actors (FIA).


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Billy Porter Lists New York Home After Complaining About SAG Strike

Billy Porter is parting ways with his New York home after expressing financial woes during the SAG-AFTRA strike this summer ... TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the sale tell TMZ ... the "Pose".. - Published

Oppenheimer continues awards season domination ahead of Oscars

Oppenheimer has continued its winning streak - picking up more top gongs at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ahead of next month's Oscars.
Sky News - Published

Pedro Pascal Reveals 'Psycho' Way He Learns Lines, Shocks Fellow Actors

Pedro Pascal's mind seems to be working on a different level ... a crazy one according to the actor himself who shared the "psycho" way he learns lines. The actor sat down with a few of his colleagues.. - Published

Alec Baldwin Defended by SAG-AFTRA Amid New 'Rust' Criminal Charges

Alec Baldwin is getting major support from his union -- with SAG-AFTA coming out swinging against prosecutors in New Mexico who are gunning for him yet again with new charges. The actor wasn't named by.. - Published

Brie Larson's Late Press Push Not Enough to Save 'The Marvels' Box Office

Brie Larson was able to do a last-minute press push to plug her new Marvel movie -- this after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended -- but not even that could salvage ticket sales. The actress -- who plays the.. - Published

US actors union agrees deal to end longest strike in Hollywood history

US actors union Sag-Aftra has agreed a "tentative deal" with Hollywood studio bosses to end a historic 118-day strike.
Sky News - Published

SAG-AFTRA Actors' Strike Ends After Deal Gets Struck with Studios

SAG-AFTRA just struck a new tentative deal with Hollywood's major studios -- effectively ending the actors' strike ... this after more than 100 days of picketing. The guild announced Wednesday they'd.. - Published

Rachel Zegler & 'Hunger Games' Stars at Berlin Premiere Amid SAG Strike

Rachel Zegler was front and center with her castmates for the premiere of her big new 'Hunger Games' movie ... but don't worry, she ain't crossing the SAG picket line here. The actress -- who plays the.. - Published

Diddy Goes All Out with Batman Costume, Batmobile Despite Warner Bros. Ban

Diddy gives zero f****, and proved it with a Batman costume -- complete with a real Batmobile -- that's so dead-on to the 'Dark Knight' movies, it's sure to piss off Warner Bros. ... and maybe even.. - Published

Megan Fox Takes Aim at SAG-AFTRA Over Halloween Costume Rules

Megan Fox stuck her tongue out at SAG-AFTRA this weekend with her Halloween costume -- or so she thinks anyway ... 'cause her movie-inspired costume is actually pretty old. The actress made sure to.. - Published

Ryan Reynolds, Mandy Moore Call Out SAG's Halloween Costume Rule

Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore think their union's rules over Halloween costumes this year are absurd -- which has forced SAG-AFTRA to clarify what they mean ... if only a bit. The two actors are among.. - Published

Sam Asghari Joins SAG-AFTRA Picket Line, Dodges Britney Spears Questions

Sam Asghari picked up a sign and joined striking Hollywood on the picket line ... saying he's there to support his fellow actors, and not to talk about his divorce with Britney Spears. A SAG-AFTRA.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA All Good with Late Night Hosts' Podcast, 'Strike Force Five'

The titans of late night are teaming up to talk shop on a new podcast -- all in an effort to support their striking employees -- and at least one union is totally cool with that plan ... on certain.. - Published

Sam Asghari Focused On Next Acting Gig Amid Britney Spears Divorce

Sam Asghari has his sights set on his acting career in the midst of his divorce from Britney Spears ... and we're told his family's been a pretty big priority, too, in recent weeks. Sources with direct.. - Published

Jamie Lee Curtis Neutral On SAG-AFTRA Strike, But Wants Settlement

Jamie Lee Curtis seems to be walking that line of unwavering support for the SAG-AFTRA strike and taking an ambivalent stance on it ... you can be the judge on where she lands. The actress made a bunch.. - Published

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Wants SAG Back in Negotiations Instead of Striking

Stephen Amell is explaining why he supports his union, SAG-AFTRA, but doesn't support leadership's decision to strike ... he believes that's not the only way to hammer out a good deal. The "Arrow" star.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA Strike Forces Actor Josh Hooks to Clean Houses, Pick up Odd Jobs

Hollywood actors are stuck between a rock and a hard place amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike -- best exemplified by one particular thespian, who's now doing odd jobs to keep afloat. Josh Hooks, who's.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Cancels Hollywood Bowl Shows to Support SAG, WGA Strikes

Snoop Dogg seems to be making a statement to Tinseltown about the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild strikes -- 'cause he's nixing 2 of his big shows here in solidarity with the union members. The rapper.. - Published

The Rock Makes 7-Figure Donation to SAG Fund, Here's How to Collect

The Rock dropped at least a million bucks to help working actors get through the SAG-AFTRA strike -- and if you're one of them ... here's a how-to on reaping the benefits. ICYMI ... Courtney B. Vance.. - Published

Dwayne Johnson makes 'largest single donation' ever to charity helping striking actors

Dwayne Johnson has made a "historic" donation to the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) Foundation as members of the union continue to strike.
Sky News - Published

UPS Strike Looms as SAG, WGA Stalemates Drag On

Hollywood might not be the only industry that's on strike -- pretty soon, it could be parcel carriers who are hitting the picket lines as well ... namely, thousands of UPS workers. You may not have.. - Published

Jesus Show 'The Chosen' Gets SAG Waiver to Keep Filming Amid Strike

A miracle came down on behalf of one Hollywood show that can now continue to work with its actors amid the SAG-AFTRA strike ... and it benefits none other than Jesus, or at least fans of his story... - Published

Disney's 'Haunted Mansion' Cast Skips First Big Premiere Amid Strike

Awkwardness was in the air at Disneyland this weekend, where the studio forged ahead with their "Haunted Mansion" premiere amid the SAG strike ... without any of the cast in sight. The premiere went.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Rips Studios, Says Public Can Help End Strike

Fran Drescher is ripping Hollywood studios, saying their negotiation strategy was all a ploy to have extra time to promote upcoming blockbusters. We got the actress and President of SAG-AFTRA on.. - Published

'Wicked' Movie Set Completely Abandoned As SAG-AFTRA Strike Begins

There's nothing but an empty set behind the wizard's curtain on the set of "Wicked" ... looking more like a ghost town as the SAG-AFTRA strike begins. The Buckinghamshire village that Universal.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Defends Kim Kardashian Selfie and Italy Trip

Fran Drescher is clapping back against criticism she hung out with Kim Kardashian at a publicity event in Italy amid contract negotiations between actors and studios. The actress and President of.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA Strike Guidelines, Long List of Rules Union Actors Must Follow

SAG-AFTRA actors are facing a load of rules as the strike goes into effect ... and we're talking about everything, from acting on camera to even tweeting about projects. TMZ has obtained a copy of the.. - Published

San Diego Comic-Con Panels Pull Out Of Event Amid Actors Strike

San Diego Comic-Con, arguably the biggest pop culture fan event of the year, is already feelin' the heat of the SAG-AFTRA strike ... because some of the hottest panels have already backed out. The West.. - Published

SAG-AFTRA Members Go On Strike, Actors Join Writers in Hollywood Shutdown

Hollywood is officially shut down ... the union representing actors is now on strike, which means actors will join writers on the picket lines for the first time in more than half a century... - Published

SAG Prez Fran Drescher Blasted for Mugging with Kim Kardashian in Italy Amid Strike

Fran Drescher's Hollywood union is about to head into a strike this week -- which is why her members are pissed over her chillaxin' in Europe ... just a day before s*** hits the fan. SAG-AFTRA actors.. - Published