Snoop Dogg

American rapper and actor (born 1971)

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Snoop Dogg: American rapper and actor (born 1971)
Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper and actor. His initial fame dates back to 1992 after guest appearing on Dr. Dre's debut solo single, "Deep Cover", and then on Dre's debut album, The Chronic, the same year. Broadus has since sold over 23 million albums in the United States and 35 million albums worldwide. His accolades include an American Music Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and 17 nominations at the Grammy Awards.


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Snoop Dogg's younger brother dies aged 44

Snoop Dogg's younger brother Bing Worthington has died, the US rapper has said on Instagram.
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Snoop Dogg's Brother Bing Worthington Dead At 44

Snoop Dogg's brother Bing Worthington has died ... with his famous sibling commemorating him on social media. Snoop posted a couple times on Instagram to honor his younger brother's passing ... sharing.. - Published

Snoop Dogg's Daughter Home After Stroke, Hits Charlie Wilson Birthday with Dad

Snoop Dogg's daughter is in a far better place than she was a couple weeks ago when she suffered a stroke ... in fact, she's showing all the signs of a major comeback, getting in some exercise and some.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Has 'Nothing But Love and Respect' for Donald Trump Now

Snoop Dogg has very different feelings about Donald Trump than he did, say, 7 or 8 years ago -- when he was joking about his death -- 'cause now ... it's all love for the ex-Prez. The rapper briefly.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Made Michael Jackson Mad Blowing Weed Smoke at Him

Snoop Dogg once pushed his luck blowin' ganja clouds in Michael Jackson's direction, which would've been an epic moment -- but the King of Pop wasn't with the smoke. While speaking to Andy Cohen, Snoop.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Turns Down $100 Million OnlyFans Deal, Wife Laid Down the Law

Snoop Dogg says OnlyFans recently came a-knockin' with a nutso $100 million offer to show off the family jewels, but his wife's not ready to share his beans or frank with the public ... not even for 9.. - Published

Snoop Dogg's daughter suffers 'severe stroke' aged 24

Snoop Dogg's daughter Cori Broadus has suffered a "severe stroke" at the age of 24.
Sky News - Published

Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus Reveals She Suffered Stroke, Hospitalized

Snoop Dogg's daughter Cori Broadus has some alarming news -- early Thursday morning she revealed she's in the hospital after suffering a severe stroke. Learning you've had a stroke would be concerning.. - Published

Suge Knight Says Twitter, Facebook Accounts Are Fake, Denies Dissing Snoop

Suge Knight says he's got nothing to do with the recent string of social media posts drumming up Tupac conspiracy theories and old beefs with Snoop Dogg and Diddy … because he has no access to those.. - Published

Snoop Dogg & an ex-Wolves midfielder - meet Malaysia's 'Invincibles'

Former Wolves midfielder Hong Wan has moved from the Premier League to Malaysia's 'Invincibles' Johor Darul Ta'zim.
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Snoop Dogg doesn't 'give up smoke', instead announces smokeless stove

Snoop Dogg is still smoking, after shocking fans with what turned out to be an ad campaign.
Sky News - Published

Snoop Dogg Endorses Smokeless Fire Pit After Announcing Quitting Smoke

Snoop Dogg shocked everyone with his declaration he's quitting "smoke" ... and turns out his choice of wording was the marketing ploy many suspected it to be -- he's now promoting a smokeless stove!!!.. - Published

AD Backs Snoop Dogg Dropping 'Smoke,' Will Beat Down All Tempters

AD is in utter disbelief Snoop Dogg is quitting smoking THC for good but if Dogg has officially puffed his blunt, he can count on AD's support -- spiritually and physically!!! TMZ Hip Hop caught AD at.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Says He's Giving Up Smoking After Consulting With His Family

Snoop Dogg says he's giving up the smoke for good ... an activity that's been synonymous with his career since day one -- but, frankly, it's hard to tell if this is legit or not. The Doggfather shocked.. - Published

Leonardo DiCaprio Has 49th Birthday Party With Tons of Celebrity Guests

Leo DeCaprio got a taste of what's goin' down in a year, because his 49th birthday party was off the hook! The party went down at an event space in Bev Hills and the guest list is exhausting to type.. - Published

Snoop Dogg, Tupac's Death Row Pendants Expected to Auction for $1 Million

A pair of diamond-encrusted Death Row pendants Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg once dangled around their necks are going up on the auction block ... along with other hip hop treasures tied to Suge Knight's.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Performs with Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly for 52nd Birthday

Will Ferrell's been revisiting his old hits lately, including this weekend -- when he teamed up with John C. Reilly to honor none other than Snoop Dogg ... who hit a big milestone. Indeed ... the.. - Published

Ed Sheeran Says Snoop Dogg Got Him High To The Point He Couldn't See Straight

Ed Sheeran's lightweight lungs were no match for Snoop Dogg when they smoked together ... in fact, the singer says he got so high the sesh made him temporarily go blind!!! Ed says it was earlier this.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Cancels Hollywood Bowl Shows to Support SAG, WGA Strikes

Snoop Dogg seems to be making a statement to Tinseltown about the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild strikes -- 'cause he's nixing 2 of his big shows here in solidarity with the union members. The rapper.. - Published

Wiz Khalifa's Security Team Thwarts Home Invasion As He Performed On Stage

Wiz Khalifa is on the road, touring with Snoop Dogg ... so, a group of would-be burglars thought it'd be a good idea to roll up on his L.A home while he was performing. Key word being thought ... as.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Says Master P, Martha Stewart Inspired New Ice Cream Venture

Snoop Dogg's got some great mentors in Master P and Martha Stewart, and he's crediting both with inspiring his new venture -- Dr. Bombay ice cream brand with hybrid flavors bound to tempt tongues... - Published

Dave Chappelle Raps at Ohio Music Festival After Snoop Dogg's Set

Dave Chappelle is known for telling jokes on the mic -- but the dude can drop bars as well ... just take a look for yourself. The comedian was on hand Saturday for the Cincinnati Music Festival at.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Loses Bid To Buy Ottawa Senators

Put away the celebratory joints ... Snoop Dogg will not be the next owner of the Ottawa Senators after all -- the NHL franchise announced Tuesday it's opted to sell its team to another bidder. Snoop.. - Published

Snoop Dogg's Snoop DeVille Resurfaces At Popular Texas Cadillac Dealership

Snoop Dogg's once favorite car -- his '66 Cadillac DeVille lowrider -- has a new owner and home ... as a permanent fixture inside a brand-spanking-new dealership in Texas!!! The classic Snoop DeVille.. - Published

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Postponing 'Doggystyle' Concert for Writers' Strike

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre sent food trucks to aide striking workers at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles this afternoon. It wasn't nuthin' but a G thang for them! Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre don't think their.. - Published

Daz Dillinger Denies Suge Knight 'Doggystyle' Claims

Daz Dillinger is fully denying Suge Knight's allegation Dr. Dre cheated Tha Dogg Pound producer straight outta his rightful credit for Snoop's "Doggystyle" -- and, it's a very aggressive denial, at.. - Published

Suge Knight Casts Doubt On Snoop Dogg and Harry-O's Death Row Purchase

Suge Knight says he has no hard feelings about his ex-protégé, Snoop Dogg, swooping in to buy Death Row Records -- the label he co-founded -- but he's skeptical about the legality of that.. - Published

Snoop Dogg & Buju Banton Puff Blunts for 4/20 While Premiering New Collab

Snoop Dogg and Buju Banton are 2 of music's biggest chieftains when it comes to cannabis, so it's only proper they connect to celebrate the "High Life" -- the name of their new single together. On.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Pins The Miz At WrestleMania

Snoop Dogg just made matters worse for The Miz during WrestleMania 39 on Sunday ... doubling up on the Superstar's beatdown from the night before by wrecking him again!! It all went down at SoFi.. - Published

TV Meteorologist Uses Snoop Dogg's Lyrics in Weather Report, Rapper Gives Him Props

A Texas meteorologist used Snoop Dogg's lyrics to serve up a TV weather report ... and he won major props from the hip hop legend himself! Adam Krueger accepted a challenge from one of his fans on.. - Published

Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott Star in Early Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl commercials can no longer be contained for just the big game, and several high-profile rappers -- Diddy, Snoop Dogg and Jack Harlow to name a few -- have all been getting the bag with.. - Published

Pete Davidson, Snoop Dogg Named NFL Pro Bowl Captains

The NFL Pro Bowl captains have been announced ... but they're not superstar athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes -- it's Pete Davidson and Snoop Dogg!! TMZ Sports has confirmed ... the.. - Published

Snoop Dogg reveals he used to write raps on a typewriter

snoop dogg reveals he used to write raps on a typewriter
In his early days of writing raps, Snoop Dogg borrowed a typewriter to get his lyrics down.
Sky News - Published

'Snoop DeVille' From 50 Cent's 'P.I.M.P.' Video Up for Sale

Back in 2004, Snoop Dogg was stylin’ and profilin’ in his Snoop DeVille for 50 Cent’s "P.I.M.P. Remix" video, and now you can roll just like him ... 'cause the classic whip's up for grabs!!! TMZ.. - Published

Snoop Dogg and His Entire Family Model for SKIMS Holiday Campaign

Snoop Dogg's family has just been crowned SKIMS Holiday family of the year and they picked the perfect way to celebrate: snapping the first-ever pic of the legendary rapper's nuclear household!!!.. - Published

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Set Farewell Tour with Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is going out with one last bang … so says the entire group with the announcement of their final tour together. TMZ Hip Hop has learned Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh are.. - Published

Dr. Dre's Super Bowl Halftime Show Wins First-Time Emmy

The incredible Super Bowl Halftime Show got its just deserts Saturday night ... an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special, and some very big names took home some hardware. Dr. Dre, who produced and.. - Published

Dave Chappelle Performs, Smokes with Snoop Dogg at Napa Music Festival

Dave Chappelle was letting it rip this weekend -- smoking and singing songs next to Snoop Dogg up in Northern California ... and the guy's wife was in on the fun as well! The comedian was on hand.. - Published

Rapper Snoop Dogg gives full-time blunt roller a pay rise due to inflation

rapper snoop dogg gives full-time blunt roller a pay rise due to inflation
Snoop Dogg has given a pay-rise to his full-time blunt roller as soaring inflation bites.
Sky News - Published

Ice Cube Reveals Snoop's Big3 Ownership, Fans Can Buy-In

Ice Cube is pumped for the upcoming sixth season of his BIG3 basketball league, and given the news he's delivering ... fans should be too! The legendary rapper and movie-maker hit TMZ Live Tuesday to.. - Published

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

You only get one shot to guess who lies behind this celebrity scramble! The Cincinnati Bengals may have lost the Super Bowl this past year, but it was a huge win for this star who stepped onto the.. - Published

Snoop Dogg Buys Ownership Stake in BIG3 Team

Snoop Dogg and his Mt. Westmore groupmate Ice Cube are about to be a lot closer … now that Snoop is a part-owner in Cube’s Big3 basketball league … TMZ Hip Hop has learned. Snoop and PayPal.. - Published

Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder, Doggface, Makes Rapping Debut With Snoop Dogg

Doggface, aka Nathan Apodaca, is officially rolling with the big dogs after skating his way to fame ... 'cause dude has made a rapping debut alongside Snoop Dogg!!! You might remember Doggface as the.. - Published

50 Cent Joins Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre did NOT disappoint at the Super Bowl Halftime Show -- and they didn't come empty-handed either ... trotting out none other than 50 Cent. The two headliners kicked off the.. - Published

Snoop Dogg -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

After all these years, Snoop Dogg is still looking smokin'! Here's the 22-year-old version of the famous rapper posing with his award at the MTV Awards after winning Best Rap Video in New York City.. - Published

Suge Knight's Son Happy Snoop Dogg Bought Death Row Records

Suge Knight's son thinks Snoop Dogg's purchase of Death Row Records is a victory for West Coast rap ... and says there's no bad blood coming from his old man. Suge Jacob Knight tells TMZ ... he's happy.. - Published

2 Chainz Wants Snoop Dogg to Smoke Weed During Super Bowl Halftime Show

2 Chainz has a suggestion to help Snoop Dogg take his Super Bowl halftime performance to a higher level ... burn one on stage! The rapper flew into LAX Thursday, he's in town to open up Pineapple.. - Published

Snoop Dogg sued for alleged sexual assault ahead of Super Bowl performance

snoop dogg sued for alleged sexual assault ahead of super bowl performance
A woman has filed a civil lawsuit in the US, accusing Snoop Dogg of sexual assault and battery.
Sky News - Published

Super Bowl Halftime Rehearsals Masked by Rock Music Outside SoFi Stadium

The Super Bowl halftime show is being protected at all costs ... with organizers blaring rock music outside SoFi Stadium during rehearsals to keep the highly-anticipated performance under wraps. Dr... - Published

Snoop Dogg Sued For Sexual Assault, Rapper Calls it Shakedown

A woman claims Snoop Dogg forced oral sex on her back in 2013, but a source representing the rapper says the woman filed suit on the heels of the Super Bowl -- where Snoop is performing in the halftime.. - Published

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