"Aadi Perukku"

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Congregations banned at temples in Erode for Aadi Perukku

The district administration has banned congregations for Aadi Perukku at Sangameswarar temple at Bhavani and Magudeswarar temple at Kodumudi on Sunday
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Lift complete lockdown tomorrow

The complete lockdown planned for August 2, when Aadi Perukku will be celebrated, should be revoked, said Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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Public gatherings banned for Aadi Perukku

The Dharmapuri district administration has banned congregations for Aadi Perukku scheduled for August 2. According to a release, in view of the extend
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How the surplus food from temples reaches the needy

Thousands gathered in Coimbatore to observe the Aadi Perukku festival this year. Devotees offered food as part of the rituals. This generated a lot
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These volunteers have hunger to feed the needy

‘No Food Waste’ members collect the eatables offered by devotees as part of Aadi Perukku
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Aadi Perukku festival celebrated with fervour

People in large numbers thronged River Cauvery at various places in the district on the occasion of Aadi Perukku festival on Saturday. Right from earl
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Poor flow dampens spirit of ‘Aadi Perukku’

Poor flow in the Cauvery dampened the spirit of Aadi Perukku festivities in Tiruchi on Saturday. Residents normally throng the river for having a hol
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‘Aadi Perukku’ celebrated in delta

Despite the Cauvery and other rivers remaining dry, Aadi Perukku was celebrated along the banks of rivers and temple tanks in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur
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