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Sebastian Gorka: Inexplicable January 6th footage released [Video]

Sebastian Gorka: Inexplicable January 6th footage released

Sebastian reacts to the latest shocking revelations from the released January 6th footage, and more, with guests Paul Kengor, Chris Kohls, Lord Conrad Black, Wid Lyman, and Ezra Levant.

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Patti Lyman [Video]

Patti Lyman

John Fredericks is live on the radio, Monday through Friday from 6 am to 10 am EST

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Russia aims to pierce Ukraine defences in northeast, general says

Russia is aiming to break through Ukrainian defences in the Kupiansk-Lyman area, according to Ukraine's ground forces commander. The area has seen a sharp increase in fighting, with Russia allegedly..
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Three dead in Russian strikes in eastern Ukraine

Russian artillery hit two villages near the eastern Ukraine city of Lyman, killing three people and wounding two others late Tuesday, authorities said. The Donetsk prosecutor's office said on Facebook..
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'Hanging tough': Ukraine fights new Russian advance

Moscow claimed last week to have advanced 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles) closer to Lyman -- a rail hub Ukraine reclaimed in October. The Russians seem intent to force the Ukrainians to abandon their..
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Russian missiles rain down on Ukraine on Christmas as Putin says he is open to talks

Russia on Sunday launched more than 10 rocket attacks on the Kupiansk district in the Kharkiv region, shelled more than 25 towns along the Kupiansk-Lyman frontline, and in Zaporizhzhia hit nearly 20..
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Another defeat in Ukraine undermines Putin’s ‘forever’ goals

Outnumbered and increasingly encircled by Kyiv’s forces, several thousand Russian troops withdrew from Lyman in Donetsk province over the weekend. The fall of Lyman makes a mockery of Putin’s..
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After reclaiming key logistics hub Lyman, Ukraine presses on with counteroffensive

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Ukraine presses on with counteroffensive; Russia uses drones

Russia attacked the Ukrainian president's hometown and other targets on Sunday with suicide drones, and Ukraine took back full control of a strategic eastern city in a counteroffensive that has..
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Russia-Ukraine war: Putin's ally suggests to ‘use low-yield nuclear weapons'

Ramzan Kadyrov also slammed the Russian generals amid the withdrawal of Russian forces from the strategic town of Lyman and said that it is about time for Kremlin to take drastic measures
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Blow to Vladimir Putin; Russia withdraws troops after Ukraine encircles key city

Russia's withdrawal from Lyman complicates its internationally vilified move to annex four regions of Ukraine. 
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Ukraine encircles thousands of Russian troops at Lyman stronghold

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Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow intensifies military strikes in eastern Ukrainian cities

Russia's Defence Ministry said on Saturday its troops and allied separatist forces were now in full control of Lyman.
DNA - Published

Russia says eastern Ukrainian town of Lyman under its full control

IndiaTimes - Published

27 law enforcement officers injured in clashes after activist Serhiy Sternenko sentenced to jail in Ukraine

The incident occurred near the Presidential office in downtown Ukraine's capital Kyiv after a district court sentenced Sternenko to seven years in prison on charges of abducting Lyman village council..
Zee News - Published