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Dr. williams is joining us each i heart institute talking about a procedure he first brought to my attention about to go as fast wanted to have him back.

Dr. wiggins morning background to talk about the watchmen procedure and i gather this is something that's correct.

So the poorest, cardiac electrophysiologist, which mean a specialized electrical problems of the heart.

Essentially, the electricity electrician to write this write so we don't and so one of the most common problems that we see is a condition called atria fibrillation, or a fit for short and what is that, in layman's with an abnormal heart rhythm of the top chambers of the heart that usually results in a rapid and irregular heartbeat right and it's left untreated connection result in strokes sure can be a pretty significant problem again were going back to the watchmen procedure and this i don't i don't know what this instrument is that you have brought this.

Tell me about what this is exactly so this is the device itself comes in five different sizes is a tiny little thing in.

That's actually the largest one we have really was an inch in diameter.

This right so in atrial fibrillation.

It's a problem of the top chambers again.

And so what happens is blood can pool in certain areas of the heart and clots can form in those areas and our biggest concern is that those clots wil then travel through the heart to the brain and cause a stroke.

So how does this come into play to great question.

So there's an area on the left side.

The hear of the left atrial appendage an what that is is is basically a small pouch right and this device is designed to go into that pouch in completely seal i off completely seal tightly sealed off and protect people from strokes.

What kind of a time are you looking at and this is a guess with any surgery.

Yeah, it's invasive but not like we think of the basics are exactly so it's a this is an outpatient procedure.

Some patients come in from home.

It's minimally invasive right we do it through the lag and we do it under x-ray and ultrasound guidance right it typically takes about an hour about an hour without recovery time are you looking at.

It's all really quick.

We do asbestos to stay overnight in hop in the hospital for observation, but then they go home life as usual there's been a more strict this for about a week right and it would you say minimal restrictions.

You want no heavy lifting right, no running a marathon sure that after that we track the impact you guys are now encouraging folks, especially with cardiac seizures to resume your normal lay active apps as soon as and stay active.

This is odd.

This is a simply amazing.

Looks like a very tiny jellyfish.

It's les than an inch or so this is the biggest one how small the lego the 21 mm is the smallest 21 mm is just amazing.

The groundbreaking things you guys covered at chi memorial.

It is simply amazing.

Dr. israel time, i think, down sure you jettison your expertise with us, like find out more about the watchmen seizure or set up an appointment with dr. wiggins do so website shattered the chattanooga part.

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