High School Football Entrances

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High School Football Entrances

High School Football Entrances

High School Football culture: Local coaches talk about the best player entrances, signs and banners..

Even Donald Trump couldn't escape a good Whitfield County rivalry!


When the teams bust through the banners.

And these days, those player entrances are getting more elaborate with smoke, blow up helmets, and fireworks.

Who wouldn't want to run through a banner before a high school football game.

Reynolds:"lot of schools do it to make it exciting for the kids.

Make it something they want to be apart of."

At boyd buchanan, it's come one.

Come all for the players entrance.

Bosken:"i think that's a really, really cool thing.

We hear a lot of parents talking about how it's like the highlight for their kids.

They don't know anything else about the game, but they know when we come out, they get to go through the blow-up helmet also."

And the more dramatic the entrance, the better.

Bosken:"we have a player of the week that we give a shield to, and they get to come out first.

So when that's smoke is going, and that guy is holding that shield.

They get to come out and raise it up and kind of get the entrance coming."

Reynolds:"we had fireworks this year.

We had a pre-game announcement with the national weather service giving a hurricane warning before we run on the field."

There are fireworks, and then there's anderson county.

James:"they call it the greatest show on turf.

Every year before we go up there and play them now, we show it to so they can hopefully be mentally prepared for what they are about to see."

And we can't forget the messages splashed across those banners.

Reynolds:"the funniest one to me is like the playoffs when you see them put up, "tell your girlfriend you'll be free next friday."

Alluding to the fact that you're going to lose tonight.

You're not going to be playing next friday, so you'll have a date."

James:"probably the best banner i've ever seen.

I'm probably going to date myself.

This goes back to 1991.

I was at northwest whitfield as an assistant coach.

Marla maples was coming in to crown the homecoming queen."

Queen:"yes mam.

Yes mam."

James:"she was dating donald trump at the time."

Reporter:"are you two back together?"

Maples:"well we are right now aren't we hon?"



James:"we were playing murray county.

Murray county held up the biggest run-through sign i had ever seen, and it was the characture of donald's ex-wife ivanna trump, and it said.

She had the tiara, and it said, 'ivanna says go warrriors'.

When that thing went up, you could just hear the crowd.

They got real silent for a second, and then everybody just began to holler and laugh."

Yes there are those awkward moments when the wind breaks the banner first or when someone trips.

Reynolds:"you know we just to play over there at copper basin, and they kind of had that deal where you had to come down stairs to get to the stadium.

I think we had a couple of young kids trip one night, and they took down like a whole class of freshmen."

You gotta love friday nights.

James:"that's one of the great memories i have from high school is running through the sign on friday night.

Lots of fun."

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