KC metro youth homicides concern community members

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KC metro youth homicides concern community members

KC metro youth homicides concern community members

A Kansas City, Kansas, family is grieving the loss of a 15-year-old after a shooting Saturday night.

Police still are searching for suspects in what is the city's 39th homicide.

Four of those 39 deaths involved someone 16 years or younger.

AND TODAY A FAMILY ISGRIEVING THE LOSS OF A15-YEAR-OLD AFTER ASHOOTING LAST NIGHT.OFFICERS GOT TO THESCENE IN THE 4400 BLOCOF ADAMS STREET WHERETHE TEEN WAS FOUNDSHOT.HE WAS RUSHED TO ANEARBY HOSPITAL WHEREHE LATER DIED.THIS ADDS TO THEALREADY RECORD-BREAKING NUMBER OF 39HOMICIDES IN K-C-K.41 ACTION NEWSREPORTER NICK STARLINGSHARES CONCERNS FROMCOMMUNITY ACTIVISTSABOUT THIS ALARMINGTREND WITH YOUTH BEINGINVOLVED IN THESEHOMICIDES IN THE METRO.RAIN POURS DOWN ON THEBLOCK OF THIS LATESTHOMICIDEON ADAMSSTREET IN KCK.THE FAMILY ASKED US TOGIVE THEM SPACEASTHEY GRIVE THE LOSS OFTHIS 15-YEAR-OLD.MEANWHILEKCOMMUNITY ACTIVISTSARE CONCERNED.Edgar Galicia, Director forCentralAvenue Betterment Association.A loss of life, it's a tragedyandwhat comes to mind right nowis that we need to doeverything we can to help thepeople who did this get servedjustice.EDGAR GALICIA WORKS TOEND VIOLENCE IN THECITYHE ADDSONEWAY TO GET KIDS OUT OFVIOLENCE IS TO GIVE THEMJOBS.Give them real ways to maka living and enjoy living sothey don't have to fall undercrime and all thesehorrendous activities.IT'S A PROBLEM ON THOTHER SIDE OF THE STATELINE6 OF THEHOMICIDES IN KCMOINVOLVE SOMEONE 16YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER..INCLUDING A 22-MONTHOLD TYRONPAYTONSHOT ANDKILLED ON MONDAY WHILEIN THE CAR WITH HISPARENTS.No one is in custody in Tyron'sdeath.AND LEGEND TALIFEROA4-YEAR OLD KILLED IN JULYWHILE HE SLEPT AT HOME.22-year-old Ryson Ellis ischarged with Legend's death.Teesha Miller, ExecutiveDirector,Youth AmbassadorsWhat type of opportunity doesa 2-year-old have at or ev15 you know they are juststarting their lives so to havetheir lives cut off at such ayoung age is, I can'e even finda word for it, its beyondisgusting, it's beyond sad.TEESHA MILLERIS THEEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OFYOUTH AMBASSADORS-WHICH TEACHES youthCONFLICT RESOLUTION.Teesha Miller, ExecutiveDirector,Youth AmbassadorsViolence is preventable andwe need to start working withsome very concrete ways toprevent it."SEARCHING FORSOLUTIONSFOR A CYCLEOF VIOLENCE THAT'SPLAGUING OURCOMMUNITIES.Teesha Miller, ExecutiveDirector,Youth AmbassadorsMaking sure that they have aloving and caring adult theycan reach out to.Edgar Galicia, Director forCentralAvenue Betterment AssociatioFamily is the core structure ofour community and nobowants to see anybody dying orgetting killed but nobodywants to see any loved oneharming anybody else.REPORTING IN KCKNICK STARLIN41 ACTION NEWS.

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