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ChatGPT: AI chatbot developed by OpenAI
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI based on the company's Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) series of large language models (LLMs). ChatGPT is built upon OpenAI's foundational GPT models, specifically GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, and has been fine-tuned for conversational applications using a combination of supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.


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Starmer reveals he gets ChatGPT 'masterclasses' from his teenage son

starmer reveals he gets chatgpt 'masterclasses' from his teenage son
Sir Keir Starmer has revealed he gets ChatGPT lessons from his son as the Labour leader gets to grips with the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).
Sky News - Published

He's warned his creation is a threat to humanity, but who is ChatGPT boss Sam Altman?

he's warned his creation is a threat to humanity, but who is chatgpt boss sam altman?
He was a tech whizz before he left primary school, dropped out of one of America's top universities, and now appears to be spearheading a revolution that could change our lives forever.
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AI will create new jobs but some old ones may die fast: Open AI CEO Sam Altman

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT and the man at the centre of a global debate on AI, is everything you expect tech superstars to be – dressed down, cool, self-deprecating, funny,..
IndiaTimes - Published

ChatGPT gets major knowledge upgrade

chatgpt gets major knowledge upgrade
ChatGPT is gaining access to real-time internet search data that will let it provide answers based on up-to-date news and current affairs.
Sky News - Published

Senator's chilling warning after AI imitates him at Congress hearing

senator's chilling warning after ai imitates him at congress hearing
A recorded speech which sounded like a leading senator at the start of a US hearing on artificial intelligence (AI) was actually written and voiced by ChatGPT.
Sky News - Published

ChatGPT will make marking coursework 'virtually impossible'

chatgpt will make marking coursework 'virtually impossible'
Marking coursework will become "a virtually impossible task" in the age of ChatGPT and make exams more vital than ever, education experts have said.
Sky News - Published

Chinese firm enters AI arms race with ChatGPT-like model

chinese firm enters ai arms race with chatgpt-like model
Alibaba has become the latest Chinese technology giant to unveil its own ChatGPT-like AI model.
Sky News - Published

ChatGPT-powered Furby reveals toy's 'plan to take over the world'

Furby was no doubt one of the creepiest toys to emerge from the 90s, and the dead-eyed robots are finding new ways to horrify 25 years on.
Sky News - Published

ChatGPT banned in Italy

chatgpt banned in italy
ChatGPT has been banned in Italy while the country's data protection authorities investigate its collection of user information.
Sky News - Published

Chinese ChatGPT rival disappoints - but does have a cute name

chinese chatgpt rival disappoints - but does have a cute name
The battle of the AI chatbots has stepped up a notch after Chinese search giant Baidu unveiled its much-anticipated rival to ChatGPT.
Sky News - Published

What is GPT-4 and how does it improve upon ChatGPT?

what is gpt-4 and how does it improve upon chatgpt?
OpenAI has launched the latest incarnation of its wildly successful online chatbot ChatGPT.
Sky News - Published

Debunked as false news: Govt ban on ChatGPT, Turkey quake toll 50k

IndiaTimes - Published

Google launches its own artificial intelligence chatbot to rival ChatGPT

google launches its own artificial intelligence chatbot to rival chatgpt
Google has launched its own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, in answer to the wildly successful ChatGPT.
Sky News - Published

Google poised to unveil how it plans to take on ChatGPT

google poised to unveil how it plans to take on chatgpt
Google looks set to unveil how it plans to rival the wildly successful ChatGPT AI, possibly within days.
Sky News - Published

Recruitment team unwittingly recommends ChatGPT for job interview

recruitment team unwittingly recommends chatgpt for job interview
A recruitment team unknowingly recommended ChatGPT for a job interview after the AI was used to complete an application task.
Sky News - Published

The ultimate homework cheat? How teachers are facing up to ChatGPT

the ultimate homework cheat? how teachers are facing up to chatgpt
"Have I seen this somewhere before?"
Sky News - Published