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ChatGPT: Chatbot developed by OpenAI
ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022. Based on a large language model, it enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language. Successive prompts and replies, known as prompt engineering, are considered at each conversation stage as a context.


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Elon Musk Sues OpenAI Over ChatGPT, Claims Betrayal of Original Mission

Elon Musk is taking ChatGPT's parent company to court over what he claims is a betrayal of his deal with the AI giant -- which he claims has turned its back on humanity ... all in search of dollars... - Published

First major news organisation sues ChatGPT maker and Microsoft over copyright infringement

The New York Times has become the first major news organisation to sue the makers of the groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT.
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Microsoft's links with ChatGPT maker face scrutiny by UK watchdog

Microsoft's multibillion-dollar partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI could face investigation by the UK's competition regulator.
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Google touts new AI model that 'beats GPT in almost all tests'

Google has revealed a new AI model it claims beats rivals like ChatGPT at most tasks after the company's "largest science and engineering project ever".
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Who is Sam Altman? ChatGPT guru who became one of AI's biggest players

He was a tech whizz before he left primary school, dropped out of one of America's top universities, and appeared to be spearheading a revolution that could change our lives forever.
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OpenAI agrees deal for ousted Sam Altman to return as chief executive

ChatGPT maker OpenAI says it has agreed a deal for Sam Altman to return as chief executive after he was ousted by its board.
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How the chaos at ChatGPT maker has unfolded - and what might happen next

In a shock sequence of corporate drama befitting of Succession, Sam Altman - the public face of ChatGPT maker OpenAI - was suddenly forced out.
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ChatGPT creator appoints new interim CEO, casting doubt on Sam Altman return

A new interim chief executive has been appointed to the company behind major AI chatbot ChatGPT, as the OpenAI board said it stood by its decision to fire Sam Altman.
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Sudden departure of ChatGPT guru raises major questions that should concern us all

The chief executive of the company responsible for ChatGPT, who is widely considered the face of generative AI, has been pushed out of the firm he had helped propel to the forefront of the tech world.
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Board of ChatGPT-maker ousts Sam Altman as chief executive

The chief executive of OpenAI - the firm behind viral chatbot ChatGPT - has been ousted after the board said it no longer has confidence in him.
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We got ChatGPT to predict Rishi Sunak's speech about AI - here's how it did

Rishi Sunak has said AI could be as transformative to British society as the Industrial Revolution.
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ChatGPT 'could be used to help launch cyberattacks'

ChatGPT can be tricked into producing malicious code that could be used to launch cyberattacks, a study has found.
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ChatGPT creater expresses concern about 'under-regulation'

The CEO of the company that made ChatGPT has said he is concerned about the "under-regulation" of AI.
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AI tool designed to help cybercriminals will let hackers develop attacks on large scale, experts say

A ChatGPT-style tool designed to assist cybercriminals will let hackers develop sophisticated attacks on a significantly larger scale, researchers have warned.
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British judge admits using 'jolly useful' ChatGPT to write ruling

A British judge has admitted using ChatGPT to write part of a case ruling.
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Workplace catfishing? Nearly half of UK workers 'would use AI to help write CV'

Nearly half of UK workers would use ChatGPT to help them write their CVs and cover letters, research suggests.
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Facebook owner Meta announces its rival to ChatGPT will be free to use

The owner of Facebook has announced plans to make its version of the artificial intelligence technology behind ChatGPT free for researchers and companies to use.
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ChatGPT maker under investigation over privacy rules

The US competition watchdog has launched an investigation into the creator of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT.
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Elon Musk launches long-awaited AI start-up in a bid to rival ChatGPT

Elon Musk has launched his long-awaited artificial intelligence start-up xAI in a bid to build an alternative to ChatGPT.
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Lawyers used ChatGPT to help with a case - it backfired massively

lawyers used chatgpt to help with a case - it backfired massively
Two New York lawyers have been fined after submitting a legal brief with fake case citations generated by ChatGPT.
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