Anthony Fauci

American immunologist and NIAID director

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Anthony Fauci: American immunologist and NIAID director
Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

President Biden on Omicron Surge: 'We Have More Work to Do' [Video]

President Biden on Omicron Surge: 'We Have More Work to Do'

President Biden on Omicron Surge: , 'We Have More Work to Do'. On Dec. 27, President Joe Biden reassured Americans his administration will address the country's needs as the Omicron variant..

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Omicron Is Spreading Faster Than Any Other Variant, WHO Director Warns [Video]

Omicron Is Spreading Faster Than Any Other Variant, WHO Director Warns

Omicron Is Spreading Faster Than Any Other Variant, , WHO Director Warns. The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, made the comments during a Dec. 14..

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First Omicron Death Reported in the UK [Video]

First Omicron Death Reported in the UK

First Omicron Death , Reported in the UK. First Omicron Death , Reported in the UK. 'USA Today' reports the first known death attributed to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has surfaced in the United..

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Fauci Says Early Reports On Omicron Variant Are 'Encouraging' [Video]

Fauci Says Early Reports On Omicron Variant Are 'Encouraging'

Fauci Says Early Reports On Omicron Variant, Are 'Encouraging'. Dr. Anthony Fauci is reportedly optimistic about the lack of severity found in cases of the Omicron variant thus far. Fauci says more..

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Another Attack On Dr. Fauci [Video]

Another Attack On Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci went after a Fox News reporter after she compared him to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, aka, the “The Angel of Death.”

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First Case of Omicron Strain Detected in the United States [Video]

First Case of Omicron Strain Detected in the United States

First Case of , Omicron Strain, Detected in the United States. NPR News reports the first known case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant has been found in the United States. According to the Centers..

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US Officials Say Don’t Wait, Get a Booster Shot [Video]

US Officials Say Don’t Wait, Get a Booster Shot

US Officials Say Don't Wait, Get a Booster Shot. As concerns about the omicron variant and surging cases of hospitalization due to COVID-19 arise in the U.S., officials say don't wait, get your..

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Fauci Crushes Cruz [Video]

Fauci Crushes Cruz

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had no time for Republican efforts to prosecute him for allegedly lying to Congress.

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Omicron 'raging around the world' and Christmas travel risks increasing infections, US expert warns

omicron 'raging around the world' and christmas travel risks increasing infections, us expert warns
Dr Anthony Fauci says Omicron is "raging around the world" as he warned of the increased risk posed to unvaccinated people.
Sky News - Published

'SNL' Mocks Andrew and Chris Cuomo as Billie Eilish Hosts

'SNL' is nothing if not predictable, and they were true to form Saturday night when they skewered 2 recently-unemployed brothers. Dr. Anthony Fauci -- no, really it was Kate McKinnon -- was offering.. - Published

Beagle Org Demands Dr. Fauci Stop Supporting Animal Testing

Dr. Fauci and the NIH are getting a clear message ... STOP supporting animal testing in the wake of allegations his agency used taxpayer money to bankroll torturous dog research. The Beagle Freedom.. - Published

Rep. Nancy Mace Says Dr. Fauci, NIH Must Answer for Deadly Beagle Study

Here's something new ... Dr. Anthony Fauci getting grilled, but not over COVID-19 -- instead it's allegations his agency used taxpayer dollars to fund torturous dog research ... and a congresswoman's.. - Published

U.S. Legislators Demand Fauci Answer for Beagle Puppy Research Funding

Dr. Fauci might be getting grilled anew -- Congress wants to know why his branch of the NIH allegedly funded research that saw puppies being tortured in the name of science. A bombshell report from The.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Says The COVID Pandemic Will Last Until Next Spring

Dr. Fauci's delivering a harsh dose of reality for Americans ... he says we won't get the pandemic under control until spring, 2022 -- and that's only if people get the damn vaccine. It's a huge step.. - Published

US 'going in the wrong direction' on COVID as cases almost triple - Fauci

us 'going in the wrong direction' on covid as cases almost triple - fauci
The US is "going in the wrong direction" on coronavirus as cases soar due to the Delta variant and a large proportion of unvaccinated people, the nation's top infectious diseases expert has said.
Sky News - Published

Author suspended from Twitter after anti-vax tweets and claims Dr Fauci was 'Satan'

author suspended from twitter after anti-vax tweets and claims dr fauci was 'satan'
American author and journalist Naomi Wolf has been suspended from Twitter after sharing disinformation about coronavirus vaccines, the pandemic and lockdowns.
Sky News - Published

Donald Trump teases return to White House as he hits out at China and Fauci

donald trump teases return to white house as he hits out at china and fauci
Donald Trump has again teased supporters about the prospect of another run for the US presidency, just days after some backers pushed a theory that he could be back in the White House by August.
Sky News - Published

India's contribution to global scientific knowledge helping in Covid-19 prevention: Fauci

US President Joe Biden's top medical adviser Anthony Fauci said that India's contribution to global scientific knowledge is well known to all and the knowledge is already helping in Covid-19 prevention..
IndiaTimes - Published

'SNL' Mocks Dr. Fauci in Hilarious Skit Over Mask-Wearing Confusion

Confused about mask-wearing these days??? Well, this "Saturday Night Live" video won't help, but it's hilarious. Kate McKinnon played a mean Dr. Anthony Fauci during the cold open of the show, which.. - Published

India should collaborate with other countries to ramp up Covid vaccine capability: Anthony Fauci

"In the ongoing crisis, the rich countries have a moral responsibility to assist those countries that don't have the capability of doing that, particularly the low and middle-income countries," Dr..
IndiaTimes - Published

'Extended gap between 2 doses of Covishield reasonable approach,' says US advisor Dr Fauci

"The fact that you delay it that long, it is very unlikely that it would have a negative effect on the efficacy of the vaccine," Fauci said.
DNA - Published

India opened up prematurely, Dr Fauci tells US Senators on Covid-19 crisis

IndiaTimes - Published

Shutdown and vaccinate, says Fauci to India, asking West to rush shots and loosen controls

IndiaTimes - Published

Getting people vaccinated only long-term solution to Covid-19 crisis in India: Fauci

IndiaTimes - Published

India's US envoy meets Dr Fauci, discusses Covid-19 crisis, new strains

This was for the first time that a top Indian government official had a meeting with Fauci, who is the top advisor to President Joe Biden on the pandemic.
IndiaTimes - Published

Covid-19: Modi govt fights pressure to lock down India as coronavirus deaths rise

The most immediately effective way to break the chain of transmission is to keep people far enough apart that the virus can’t jump from one to another. Some experts, including Anthony S Fauci, the..
IndiaTimes - Published

Fauci's advice to India: Clamp nationwide lockdown, go for massive vaccination drive

IndiaTimes - Published

Report suggests Centre's COVID-19 task force members pushing for national lockdown

Anthony Fauci has said that an immediate shut down for a few weeks could put an end to the cycle of transmission in India.
DNA - Published

Fauci suggests a few weeks' lockdown in India to break chain of coronavirus transmission

IndiaTimes - Published

Dr. Fauci Pushes Back Against Joe Rogan's Vaccine Comments

Joe Rogan's suggestion that young people don't need to get the vaccine isn't sitting well with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who says that's a totally selfish approach to battling a pandemic. The Spotify.. - Published

Covaxin found to neutralise 617 variant of Covid-19: Dr Fauci

"This is something where we're still gaining data on a daily basis. But the most recent data, was looking at convalescent Sera of Covid-19 cases and people who received the vaccine used in India, the..
IndiaTimes - Published

Covid-19: India is going through very terrible situation, says Dr Anthony Fauci

"They have a situation there where there are variants that have arisen. We have not yet fully characterised the variants and the relationship between the ability of the vaccines to protect. But we're..
IndiaTimes - Published

Super Bowl LV Was Not A COVID-19 Super-Spreader, Officials Say

Dr. Fauci is gonna sleep well tonight -- officials in Florida have determined Super Bowl LV was NOT a hotspot for COVID-19 ... with just 53 confirmed cases reported in the weeks following the game. The.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Wins $1 Million from Israeli Org for Defending Science

Dr. Fauci has a million new reasons to smile, 'cause the guy just came up on a boatload of cash for sticking to the facts and the science during the pandemic. The director of the NIAID was just awarded.. - Published

Tory Lanez's Massive Pre-Super Bowl Bash Looks Like a Super Spreader

Dr. Anthony Fauci's urging to "lay low" for Super Bowl weekend didn't get to Tory Lanez or a few hundred others partying hard in Tampa ... with zero distancing or masks. The rapper held a pre-Super.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Urges Cancelation Of Super Bowl LV Parties, 'Lay Low And Cool It'

Watching Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady WITHOUT a party could help save lives ... so says Dr. Anthony Fauci, who's urging people to "lay low and cool it" for this year's Super Bowl. The infectious.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Opens Up About Death Threats, Covered in Powder from Suspicious Letter

Dr. Fauci has offered up the nitty-gritty about receiving death threats since the pandemic began, and it sounds awful ... especially one time when he got powdered. The top infectious disease doc in the.. - Published

Dr. Anthony Fauci Shades Trump, Says He Feels Liberated Working for Biden

Dr. Anthony Fauci held his breath for months with Donald Trump, but he's now fully exhaled and is having a hard time hiding his glee over the change in administrations. The infectious disease guru made.. - Published

Sidelined Dr Fauci admits life as Trump's medical adviser was 'uncomfortable'

sidelined dr fauci admits life as trump's medical adviser was 'uncomfortable'
Chief immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci has returned to the White House under the new administration - and admitted it feels better than the old days.
Sky News - Published

Little Kid Schools Anti-Masker in Walmart, 'Don't Be a Jerk'

Even kids have an eye now for anti-mask madness 10 months into the pandemic ... so, ya gotta see this mini Dr. Fauci lay down the law as police kick an anti-masker outta Walmart. Our little hero here.. - Published

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Tells Heckler 'Shorty Pull Your Mask Up'

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott might wanna trademark the cool catchphrase he dropped on a COVID-19 heckler ... 'cause if he doesn't, Dr. Anthony Fauci should! The Mayor held a news conference Tuesday.. - Published

Donald Trump Extremely Pissed Off Dr. Fauci Getting All the COVID Credit

Donald Trump has no shame when it comes to grousing that he's not getting the credit and praise others are getting in the COVID fight, and it seems the person who pisses him off most is one Dr. Anthony.. - Published

Dr. Anthony Fauci's Wife Throws Him Surprise 80th Birthday Party on Zoom

Dr. Anthony Fauci not only got a surprise birthday party for his big 8-0 ... he is also the recipient of his very own day in the nation's capital!!! Dr. Fauci's wife, Dr. Christine Grady, threw a.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Gets COVID-19 Vaccine at NIH Kickoff Event

Dr. Anthony Fauci -- America's true leader in the battle against the coronavirus -- just got the COVID-19 vaccine ... along with some of his colleagues. Fauci took his shot in the arm Tuesday morning.. - Published

COVID Scientists Want to Mimic Elvis Presley Getting Polio Injection On Camera

Scientists are looking for the next Elvis Presley to tamp down resistance to the COVID vaccine ... and if they're lucky they'll find someone as effective as The King. Dr. Anthony Fauci has already said.. - Published

Rep. Shalala's Dog, Fauci, Barks & Fusses Through CNN Interview

A Florida congresswoman's dog appears to be just as pissed as she is that the Senate and House can't seem to pass a stimulus package -- 'cause the pooch wouldn't shut up during a live interview over.. - Published

COVID Isn't Scaring Hoards of Christmas Travelers at Airports

Apparently an untold thousands of folks didn't get Dr. Fauci's memo about not traveling for XMAS ... or they're just ignoring it. LAX was PACKED Friday night with many folks setting out to join friends.. - Published

Dr. Facui Saves Christmas By Inoculating Santa With COVID Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci has saved Xmas by making a secret sojourn to the North Pole ... armed with the COVID vaccine. The good Doc was on CNN Saturday, fielding questions from worried kids who fear Santa has.. - Published

Santa Claus Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Santa Claus is immune from the coronavirus, but the jolly guy is taking no chances before Christmas -- he just got the COVID-19 vaccine. Santa came down from the North Pole for.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Says Black Woman Among Scientists Who Developed COVID Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants Black Americans skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccines to know a Black woman was at the forefront of creating one of them ... so fear not. The nation's leading infectious disease.. - Published

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

Well, it looks like some people will get that shot this month, and Dr. Fauci is hopping on the Biden train. So we gotta ask ... - Published

Brisk Thanksgiving Turkey Sales Nationwide Don't Bode Well for Coronavirus Pandemic

It seems every doctor or scientist from Dr. Fauci on down is URGING people NOT to celebrate Thanksgiving, but based on our unscientific survey, folks don't seem to be listening. We called around the.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Says Santa Claus Immune to COVID and Won't Spread it

Santa Claus is coming to town, but don't worry kids ... there's no coronavirus in his sack of goodies -- Dr. Anthony Fauci says the jolly guy is immune to COVID!!!! The good doc is coming through with.. - Published

President Trump Implies He'll Fire Dr. Fauci After Election

President Trump gave his Florida rally crowd what they wanted -- a strong suggestion he's going to send Dr. Anthony Fauci packing after the election. Trump was addressing his supporters in Opa-locka.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Says He Doesn't Have President's Ear as COVID Stats Soar

President Trump's talking like he and Dr. Anthony Fauci are still on friendly terms -- despite each jabbing the other lately -- but that's news to Fauci, who says he has zero access to the Oval Office... - Published

Trump Calls Dr. Fauci an 'Idiot' After Fauci's '60 Minutes' Interview

President Trump is taking the gloves off against his top COVID-19 specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and throwing his expertise out the window ... this after the doc, arguably, went on the attack on "60.. - Published

Donald Trump Says Fauci's Pitching Arm's Better Than His COVID Response

Donald Trump may be playing with fire, because he's now on the attack against America's sacred cow, if you will ... Dr. Anthony Fauci. Trump just tweeted, "Actually, Tony's pitching arm is far more.. - Published

Dr. Anthony Fauci Calls Out Trump For Misleading Coronavirus Campaign Ad

Dr. Anthony Fauci is pushing back on Donald Trump in a big way, calling shenanigans on a new campaign ad that makes it look like the good Doc is endorsing the Prez. The Trump campaign just released a.. - Published

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