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Monkeypox Origination and Human Transmission [Video]

Monkeypox Origination and Human Transmission

Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram explore the origins of the monkeypox virus and human transmission. See all Dr. Seheult's videos at:

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Is the Next Pandemic Already Here? Biden's Monkeypox Warning | Direct Message | Rubin Report [Video]

Is the Next Pandemic Already Here? Biden's Monkeypox Warning | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Joe Biden’s warning about the monkeypox outbreak, “The View’s” Sunny Hostin supporting authoritarian snitch culture, Dr. Fauci’s greatest..

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ELONGATE, Project Veritas Exposing Twitter, Is MonkeyPox The Next Thing? TTM 31 [Video]

ELONGATE, Project Veritas Exposing Twitter, Is MonkeyPox The Next Thing? TTM 31

In This Live Podcast we will be discussing the latest controversy being used to defame Elon Musk known as elongate. We'll be taking a look at the recent streak from Project Veritas exposing..

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Monkeypox cases detected in US, UK & parts of Europe |Know all about Monkeypox virus |Oneindia News [Video]

Monkeypox cases detected in US, UK & parts of Europe |Know all about Monkeypox virus |Oneindia News

Health authorities in North America and Europe have detected dozens of suspected or confirmed cases of monkeypox since early May. Britain has confirmed nine cases since May 6, and the United States..

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Is Monkeypox virus mutating more rapidly than expected? Here's what researchers say

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has decided the recent outbreak of the monkeypox virus is not a global health emergency currently.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency now? WHO is considering it - Details here

Declaring monkeypox to be a global emergency would mean the WHO considers the monkeypox virus outbreak to be an “extraordinary event” and that the disease is at risk of spreading across even more..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: US on alert, ramps up testing amid 142 confirmed cases

Monkeypox virus first causes flu-like symptoms before progressing to a rash on the face and body and is commonly found in parts of central and west Africa. But this year, 1,880 infections have been..
Zee News - Published

With over 2,600 new cases in 37 countries, here's how monkeypox epidemic is likely to play out

There are huge gaps in what we know about the monkeypox virus, but combining what we do know with a history of other infectious diseases makes it possible to analyse likely future scenarios.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: WHO considers taking ‘monkey’ out of monkeypox for THIS reason, global cases surpass 1,600

"WHO is also working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of #monkeypox virus, its clades, and the disease it causes. We will make announcements about the new names as..
Zee News - Published

Explainer: What is achieved by renaming the monkeypox virus

With over 1,600 cases of monkeypox confirmed globally over the past few weeks, the World Health Organisation is set to convene an emergency committee meeting on June 23 to determine whether the..
IndiaTimes - Published

Monkeypox virus to be given a new name, here's why

The move from WHO comes after 30 scientists from 11 countries pushed for a name change last week.
DNA - Published

Monkeypox scare: WHO to assess if outbreak represents an international health emergency

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros called the monkeypox virus outbreak as "unusual and concerning".
DNA - Published

Monkeypox confirmed cases rise to 1,600; WHO calls emergency meet to assess if 'unusual' outbreak an international health emergency

The global health body warned that the recent global outbreak of the monkeypox virus is clearly "unusual" and "concerning".
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: As cases rise, EU signs deal with Bavarian Nordic for supply of over 1 lakh vaccines

About 900 cases of monkeypox have been reported in 19 EU countries and also in Norway and Iceland, which will be entitled to receive doses despite not being EU members.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: CDC makes big revelation, says virus spreads through air during THIS

CDC chief Rochelle Walensky said monkeypox was being passed on through physical contact with symptomatic patients and by touching their clothing and bedding. 
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: German panel recommends vaccines as cases cross over 1000 globally

Amid rising cases, Germany's independent vaccine advisory panel said that the smallpox vaccine Imvanex should be made available first to people who were exposed to the monkeypox virus in the previous..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: UP govt issues new advisory, tells officials to remain alert

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the health department and hospitals to remain on alert, following a spike in Monkeypox cases. CM Yogi has ordered the top officials to make the..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus Infected patient flees from hospital, THIS place on high alert

According to the AFP report, the patient had symptoms of "cough, chills, muscle pain and pustule-like lesions on his face, neck and trunk."
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox scare: More than 1,000 cases reported in non-endemic countries, WHO concerned

Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by monkeypox virus infection, with symptoms including rashes, fever, headaches, muscle ache, swelling and backpain.
DNA - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: Confirmed cases cross 1,000 as 'concerned' WHO warns of 'real' risk - Key points

Monkeypox cases have been reported mainly, but "not only", among men who have sex with men. Some countries are now beginning to report cases of apparent community transmission, including some cases in..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus may be airborne: US CDC advises people to wear masks

The CDC, in its updated guidance last week for travellers, asked people to protect themselves against monkeypox by wearing masks.
DNA - Published

780 cases of monkeypox reported or identified as of June 2: WHO

While the West African clade of the virus has been identified from samples of cases so far, most confirmed cases with travel history reported travel to countries in Europe and North America, rather..
IndiaTimes - Published

Monkeypox virus: 5-year-old’s samples sent for testing in UP’s Ghaziabad

Indian Express - Published

Monkeypox outbreak scare: Tamil Nadu issues advisory for international travelers with symptoms

International travelers with symptoms of the monkeypox virus will be isolated by the Tamil Nadu health department.
DNA - Published

Monkeypox virus: From stress surveillance, rapid identification of new cases to IPC at home; check guidelines

While issuing `Guidelines on Management of Monkeypox Disease` to ensure advance preparedness across the country, the Health Ministry clarified on Tuesday, "There are no reported cases of monkeypox..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak is on the rise! The number of infected in 30 countries increases to 550

Monkeypox Virus Outbreak: Currently, five people each have been diagnosed with monkeypox in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, US and Netherlands. In countries like Spain,..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: This `COUNTRY` confirms 12 more cases, patients have...

Monkeypox virus: According to the World Health Organization, monkeypox virus is transmitted from one person to another by close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminated..
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Monkeypox: Centre issues guidelines on management of disease

Raising awareness, the guidelines further explain in detail about raising awareness and educating people about the measures for Monkeypox virus.
DNA - Published

Can monkeypox virus become a pandemic like Covid-19? Here's what experts say

A top US health expert says it is unlikely that monkeypox would cause Covid-19-like pandemic. WHO states outbreak is unusual but is still containable.
DNA - Published

'Highest risk of transmission is through...': UK issues guidance to control monkeypox virus spread

The UK's health security agency on Monday said that 71 new cases of the monkeypox virus have been reported in England.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox outbreak: Virus detected in 23 countries, over 250 cases confirmed globally

Over 250 cases of the monkeypox virus have been confirmed across the globe, giving rise to speculations of it spreading further.
DNA - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: Ireland, Argentina latest countries to report cases; global tally crosses 200

Ireland and Argentina have now become the latest countries to confirm cases of monkeypox as part of a global outbreak that has seen the rare virus sprout up in several countries that are not usually..
Zee News - Published

Private company announces development of RT-PCR based kit for Monkeypox Virus - Published Also reported by •DNA

Monkeypox Virus Outbreak: Disease can spread to another person from clothes, towels and...

Monkeypox Virus: According to the World Health Organization, 200 cases of infection have been reported so far.  They have been found in countries where monkeypox infections are not usually found. 
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox outbreak: ICMR says children more at risk, urges people to watch out for these symptoms - Details here

ICMR said children are more at risk of getting infecting with monkeypox virus.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus detected in Argentina; two confirmed cases

Monkeypox in Argentina: On May 27, the country's health ministry confirmed the presence of the virus with two confirmed cases.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak: West Bengal govt on alert, issues advisory, read here

The West Bengal government said in its advisory, "Although monkeypox has not been reported in India, but with new cases being detected from various countries, chances of this disease occurring in India..
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox tally crosses 200, spread across 20 countries: WHO

Monkeypox is a virus that originates in wild animals like rodents and primates and occasionally jumps to people. It belongs to the same virus family as smallpox.
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Monkeypox Virus Outbreak: Unlock all concrens related to THIS disease

Monkeypox Virus Outbreak: How Monkeypox started? From which country did the virus start spreading? How is Monkeypox transmitted? Causes of Monkeypox in human? Is Monkeypox deadly? These questions has..
Zee News - Published

Trivitron develops kit for detection of Monkeypox virus

IndiaTimes - Published

Monkeypox virus spreads to over 20 countries: World Health Organization

The global health body has urged nations to increase surveillance of the infectious disease as outbreaks grow.
DNA - Published

Monkeypox virus outbreak 'not normal', says WHO as UAE, Czech Republic report first cases

Since early May, as many as 19 countries have found around 237 suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox, Reuters reported.
Zee News - Published

Monkeypox virus disease outbreak: England discovers 36 new cases, total rises to 56

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government was looking carefully at the circumstances surrounding monkeypox's transmission.
Zee News - Published

Here's how monkeypox virus spread in Europe and other countries

Gran Canarian pride festival, held between May 5-15 was attended by 80,000 visitors from Britain and across Europe and is said to be behind the spread
DNA - Published

Monkeypox virus disease outbreak: New cases 'only tip of iceberg' but no urgent need for mass vaccinations, says WHO

The global health body does not believe that the spread of the monkeypox virus outside of Africa requires mass vaccinations as measures like good hygiene and safe sexual behaviour will help control its..
Zee News - Published

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