Judge Orders JP Morgan Lawsuit, JP Morgan Bought "Bag of Rocks", Chinese At Southern Border

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Judge Orders JP Morgan Lawsuit, JP Morgan Bought "Bag of Rocks", Chinese At Southern Border

Judge Orders JP Morgan Lawsuit, JP Morgan Bought "Bag of Rocks", Chinese At Southern Border

A U.S. Judge has ordered JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank to face a lawsuit linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

House GOP demands New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg turn over and give testimony as to the "politically motivated" prosecution of Donald Trump.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi arrive in New York Monday, why are they here?

Biden signs law requiring U.S. intelligence release all documents on Covid origins and any links to the Wuhan Lab within 90 days.

Fan poops in aisle near where Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were sitting watching a play.

Great Reset farmers become biggest party in Netherlands winning 17 seats in a major blow to globalists and their "New World Order." Washington D.C.

Resident destroys Dr. Fauci and Mayor Muriel Bowser, destroys the entire Covid pandemic narrative in minutes.

Why did JP Morgan buy a bag of rocks instead of nickel?

How were they duped into buying a start up for 175 Million dollars?

Chinese nationals are encountered at the U.S. southern border.

How are Chinese people getting all the way from China to Mexico to then sneak across the U.S. border?

Who is funding these flights?

Halle Biden's toxic relationship with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

Why are government officials saying there is an "alien mothership" close to earth?

Are they planning a type of operation blubeam fake alien scenario?

Andy Ngo reports Antifa cells posting recipe for eye blinding paint bombs filled with glass and sand.

Disney begins layoffs with 4,000 people being let go, some of the jobs were considered "redundant".

Rino Adam Kinzinger busted spreading a hoax about Charlie Kirk, falsely claiming he called for Trans "lynching's." Rep.

James Comer (R-Ky) claims China may have had an additional 11 deals with Hunter Biden and the Biden family.

How much money was wired to them from the over 100 suspicious activity reports (SAR) flagged by the Treasury Department?

White House press corps erupts as African reporter demands to be heard exclaiming "you have not called on me for 7 months".

Why is the White House press pool so closed to outside press, why aren't certain press people ever called on to ask questions?

Oregon teacher at center of sexual fantasy assignment put on leave, is under investigation.

The Federal Reserve was aware of Silicon Valley Bank's risky practices over a year before the collapse a report finds why didn't they take action sooner?

Oxfam inclusivity guide tells staff to avoid using offensive words like "mother", "headquarters" and "people." Wagner chief says 70 percent of Bakhmut is controlled by his forces.

Two tiered justice system.

Why is Trump about to be indicted for allegedly paying someone hush money, yet Hillary can be found to have lied about funding a fake dossier to smear Trump and face no charges?

Joseph Cofer Black, a former Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center and Ambassador at Large for counter-terrorism CIA, also sat on the board of Burisma as well as Hunter Biden in 2017.

The highest level one can attain in the Church of Satan, the "fifth degree" is called "Maga or Magus" coincidence or no?

Midsize banks reportedly ask the FDIC to insure all deposits for two years.

Former Taiwan president Ma Ying-Jeou to visit China in landmark trip.

New version of ChatGpt lied to bypass captcha, how does AI know how to lie?

Kevin McCarthy vows to investigate abuse of power by New York D.A.

Alvin Bragg.

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