Stuart Ramsay

British journalist

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Stuart Ramsay is a British journalist who is currently Sky News’ Chief Correspondent. He is Sky's longest serving foreign correspondent.


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Panic and heartbreak: The devastating effect of an airstrike in Gaza

As Israel's southern offensive continues, and thousands of Palestinians have been injured or killed, Khan Younis has been hit with an airstrike. Sky News' chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay reports on..
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Hospitals running out of floor space: The effect of Israel's war in Gaza on civilians 'brutal' to see

Israel said its troops have entered Gaza's second-largest city, while intensive bombardment has sent streams of ambulances and cars racing to hospitals with wounded and dead Palestinians. Here, Sky..
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Families speak of fear after children taken hostage by Hamas | Stuart Ramsay

There is virtually nothing the families of the Hamas hostages can do but sit and wait for a phone call.
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There are fears Hamas fighters could still be hiding in Israel as Gaza ground offensive considered | Stuart Ramsay

Shortly before 9pm on Tuesday evening, a Hamas fighter attempted to kill an Israeli soldier with a knife.
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'Courageous': Sky report on Myanmar highlights 'poignant' situation - UN human rights chief

A UN human rights chief has said Stuart Ramsay's exclusive Sky News report on Myanmar's hidden war is "courageous" and "shows the power of journalism".
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Stuart Ramsay in Myanmar: What leaders don't want the world to see

Sky's chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team have witnessed the deadly realities of a civil war, which Myanmar's leaders claim isn't happening. Β 
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Sky News wins News Channel of the Year for sixth year in a row

Sky News has been named News Channel of the Year for a sixth consecutive year at the Royal Television Society journalism awards - with chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay winning journalist of the year
Sky News - Published

The marginalised people in communities like favelas hold the balance of power in Brazil election | Stuart Ramsay

The majority of people we had spoken to in the days and hours before the Brazilian presidential election results came in expressed a hope there would be a first round victor.
Sky News - Published

Why Ukraine's southern offensive is proving more difficult than blitzkrieg attack in north | Stuart Ramsay

why ukraine's southern offensive is proving more difficult than blitzkrieg attack in north | stuart ramsay
We waited at a checkpoint near the Ukrainian's defensive line for the southern counter-offensive.
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Sky's Stuart Ramsey recalls meeting condemned Britons on the Ukraine front line

We'd driven through frozen forests on icy roads to a location outside Mariupol and a rendezvous with a Ukrainian military commander.
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Sky team discuss miraculous escape from Kyiv ambush for first time

Stuart Ramsay has described the injuries he suffered after being shot in Ukraine - with a former military surgeon telling him he was "the most lucky person I've met".
Sky News - Published

'I can't get the faces out of my mind': Sky reporter feared for those left behind as he departed Kabul

'i can't get the faces out of my mind': sky reporter feared for those left behind as he departed kabul
Sky's chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay has spent a number of days reporting on the desperation of thousands of Afghans trying to flee their country after the Taliban took control.
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