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Adidas Yeezy: Fashion collaboration
Adidas Yeezy was a fashion collaboration between American rapper, designer, and entrepreneur Kanye West and German sportswear company Adidas. It offered sneakers in limited edition colorways, as well as shirts, jackets, track pants, socks, slides, lingerie and slippers. The first shoe model was released in February 2015. In 2020 Forbes described Yeezy's rise as "one of the great retail stories of the century". Yeezy influenced and inspired a multitude of other fashion brands. Outside of the former Adidas collaboration, Yeezy is the name of Kanye's company Yeezy LLC and is not connected to Adidas.


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Yeezy sales back to old levels - despite Adidas severing ties with Kanye West

Adidas sold €400m (£345m) worth of Kanye West-designed footwear from April to the end of June this year - as much as the same time last year, despite severing ties with the rapper.
Sky News - Published

Adidas to donate profits on Yeezy trainer sales to charity - but won't reveal amount

Adidas is to sell another batch of its Yeezy trainer line with some of its profits heading to charity, but has remained silent on how much money will be donated.
Sky News - Published

Adidas' New Yeezy Sales to Benefit Anti-Defamation League After Slow Cutting Kanye West

Looks like Adidas is trying to make good after getting skewered for failing to part ways with Kanye West during his antisemitic tirade ... because the company's donating a chunk of its upcoming Yeezy.. - Published

Adidas reveals when it will sell leftover shoes from Kanye West partnership

adidas reveals when it will sell leftover shoes from kanye west partnership
Adidas has announced it will start selling some of the shoes from its defunct Yeezy partnership with Kanye West at the end of this month.
Sky News - Published

Kanye West's Wife Bianca Censori Nearly Nude, Models New Yeezy Fashion Line

Here's Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori modeling a new Yeezy fashion line ... and it's leaving little to the imagination. As you can see, there's not much here in terms of actual clothing -- there's a.. - Published

Adidas decides what to do with Yeezy stock after split with Kanye West

adidas decides what to do with yeezy stock after split with kanye west
Adidas has said it plans to sell some of its Yeezy trainers and merchandise from its defunct partnership with Kanye West and donate some of the proceeds to charity.
Sky News - Published

Kanye West split from Adidas 'hurting' the business - as mountain of Yeezy trainers remain unsold

kanye west split from adidas 'hurting' the business - as mountain of yeezy trainers remain unsold
Adidas has reported a drop in sales but better than expected profits in the wake of its high-profile split from shamed rapper and fashion designer Kanye West.
Sky News - Published

Kanye West, Yeezy Sued by Ex-Employee for Breach of Contract

Kanye West and his Yeezy brand now have to contend with a lawsuit from a former employee, who claims the megastar rapper/designer owes her a cool $275K. According to court docs obtained by TMZ Hip Hop.. - Published

Adidas Reportedly Sitting on Over Half a Billion Dollars Worth of Yeezys

Adidas cutting ties with Kanye West has turned out to be a major gamble, because it has over half a billion dollars worth of the guy's shoes to sell, without his name anymore. We already knew Adidas.. - Published

Kanye West Allegedly Showed Nude Kim Kardashian Pics to Adidas Staffers

Kanye West paraded nude photos of Kim Kardashian around the Adidas offices to staffers ... this according to former employees themselves. Some staffers who used to work at Adidas -- assigned to the.. - Published

Adidas Contract Entitles Kanye to Fee for Rebranded Yeezys, But There's a Rub

Adidas' announcement it will sell Yeezy designs without Yeezy branding should be money to Kanye West's ears ... TMZ has learned he has that in writing, but he's not getting a dime. Sources with direct.. - Published

Adidas to sell Yeezy designs under new name after Kanye West split

adidas to sell yeezy designs under new name after kanye west split
Adidas says it plans to continue releasing shoes designed in collaboration with Kanye West without the Yeezy brand, despite ending its partnership with the rapper last month.
Sky News - Published

Adidas Plans to Sell Yeezys Under New Branding

Kanye West's Yeezy designs will, in fact, live on at Adidas after all ... but they'll have a completely different title when they drop. Adidas honchos announced Wednesday the company plans to continue.. - Published

Kanye West Sued By Business Manager, Ye Says Their Contract was 'Bulls***'

Kanye West and his company, Yeezy, are getting hauled into court by his former business manager, who claims the rapper flagrantly violated their deal ... a deal Kanye says he was never going to honor... - Published

Resale Websites Not Cutting Ties with Kanye West's Yeezy, Big Payday Coming

There's an entire market of people patiently waiting to sell their Yeezy shoes for what they hope will be a big chunk of cash ... and it's exactly why resale websites are among the only entities yet to.. - Published

Kanye West claims he lost $2bn in a day after Adidas ended Yeezy deal

kanye west claims he lost $2bn in a day after adidas ended yeezy deal
Kanye West has claimed he lost $2bn in one day after Adidas ended the big-money deal with the rapper over his antisemitic comments.
Sky News - Published

Khloe Kardashian Steps Out Wearing Yeezys After Adidas Drops Kanye West

Khloe Kardashian was the first in her family to publicly support the Jewish community and defend her sister Kim Kardashian against Kanye West ... but apparently, she's still a fan of the Yeezy shoe.. - Published

Kanye West Shows Up Uninvited to Skechers Headquarters in Wake of Adidas Fallout

Kanye West is making a quick move to find a new home for his Yeezy shoes ... hitting Skechers headquarters to talk with the company's honchos, but immediately got turned away. Sources familiar with.. - Published

T.J. Maxx Cuts Ties with Kanye West, Yeezy Amid Backlash for Anti-Semitism

T.J. Maxx is the latest company to pull the plug on Kanye West's Yeezy brand ... following others' decisions to cut ties due to the rapper's anti-Semitic and bigoted comments. TJX Companies --.. - Published

'Sell Yeezy' Searches Spike by 500% After Adidas Ends Deal With Kanye West

When Adidas decided to stop producing products for Kanye West, people from around the globe rushed to the Internet to check the temp of selling the popular Yeezy shoe. Google searches for the phrase.. - Published

Kanye West Yeezy Resale Market Could See Massive Profits If Adidas Cuts Ties

Kanye West's Yeezy shoes have always been just as popular on the resale market as they've been in stores -- but there's a clear shift happening, with many resellers hesitant to make any moves until.. - Published

Young Thug Offers Kanye West 100 Acres Of Land For His Worldwide Yeezy Stores

Young Thug's prison Wi-Fi seems to be up and running without issue, and the incarcerated rap star is going outta his way to help Kanye West's dream of launching worldwide Yeezy stores. Ye has been.. - Published

Justin Bieber Rocks New Khaki Yeezy NSTLD Boots Day After Debut

Justin Bieber is ready for winter early thanks to Kanye's new line of Yeezys -- only this time, they're boots ... and not too different from what a kid might wear for his first time in ice. The Biebs.. - Published

Kanye West Files 'Donda' Trademark for Apparent Tech Line

Kanye West has always been obsessed with Apple, and his latest possible venture could put Yeezy in direct competition with the tech giant. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ye's company filed a.. - Published

Walmart Removes Kanye Yeezy Knockoffs, Tons More Remain on Web

Kanye West's legal team has a lot more work to do if they want to rid the online market of imitation Yeezys -- while Walmart halted sales on its site, hundreds more still exist on others. West's Yeezy.. - Published

Kanye West & Yeezy Sue Walmart for Foam Runner Shoe Rip-Off

Kanye West is going after Walmart for allegedly selling a knockoff version of his well-known foam shoe design ... at a fraction of the price. According to new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Kanye and.. - Published

Kanye West's Yeezy trainers sell for record-breaking $1.8m

kanye west's yeezy trainers sell for record-breaking $1.8m
Kanye West's Yeezy trainers have sold for a record-breaking $1.8m (£1.3m).
Sky News - Published

Kanye West's Yeezy Foam RNNR Ararat New Prototype Outside His Office

Kanye West's cooking up something with his futuristic foam footwear ... with a little spray. A Yeezy employee was spotted outside Ye's Calabasas office Monday spraying on what appears to be a new Yeezy.. - Published