Fifth planet from the Sun

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Jupiter: Fifth planet from the Sun
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. A gas giant, Jupiter's mass is more than two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined and slightly less than one one-thousandth the mass of the Sun. Jupiter orbits the Sun at a distance of 5.20 AU (778.5 Gm) with an orbital period of 11.86 years. It is the third brightest natural object in the Earth's night sky after the Moon and Venus and has been observed since prehistoric times. Its name derives from Jupiter, the chief deity of ancient Roman religion.


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'Super fluffy' candy floss planet bigger than Jupiter discovered by astronomers

Astronomers have identified a planet as light and fluffy as candy floss - despite being far bigger than our solar system's gas giant Jupiter.
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Indian scientist-led international team discovers exo-planet 13 times bigger than Jupiter

IndiaTimes - Published

Lift-off! Europe's space agency launches mission to search for life on Jupiter's moons

A historic mission to search for signs of alien life on Jupiter's icy moons has launched from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana.
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Is alien life on Jupiter's moons? A quest to find out is about to begin

is alien life on jupiter's moons? a quest to find out is about to begin
A space mission with a name like no other is about to embark on a journey to find alien life on the moons of Jupiter.
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Nuclear, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn...: Meet Meghalaya Assembly Election candidates with curious names

People aren't only interested in the names of the politicians, but also in the names of voters, many of which are modelled after nations and Indian states.
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World's most powerful telescope captures stunning images of Jupiter

The world's most powerful telescope has captured images of Jupiter showing faint rings around the planet and two tiny moons against a glittering background of galaxies.
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James Webb Space Telescope team leaks two pictures of Jupiter

Two fascinating pictures of the gas giant Jupiter were leaked alongside the main images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) released yesterday.
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How did Jupiter get so big? Astronomers now think it 'ate' chunks of other planets

how did jupiter get so big? astronomers now think it 'ate' chunks of other planets
They don't call Jupiter "King of Planets" for nothing. It's massive, really heavy, and now scientists think it ate chunks of other planets to get as big as it is.
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Venus and Jupiter to almost touch in night sky

venus and jupiter to almost touch in night sky
Two of the brightest planets in the sky are heading for a close encounter this weekend.
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Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the moon to align on the horizon early Sunday morning

jupiter, venus, mars, saturn and the moon to align on the horizon early sunday morning
Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the moon will line up in the predawn sky on Sunday morning.
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Indian scientists discover an exoplanet bigger than Jupiter, second big find after 2018

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Scientists discover ‘inflated hot-Jupiter’ around a sub-giant star

The discovery was led by Prof Abhijit Chakraborty and included his students, team members, and international collaborators from Europe and the US. This discovery work has been published in the refereed..
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NASA scientists baffled by discovery Jupiter's Great Red Spot is accelerating

The Great Red Spot, a storm on Jupiter which has been observed raging for more than 150 years, is spinning faster and faster, baffling scientists.
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